Looking for Nelco bobbins

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Question Looking for Nelco bobbins

Hi everyone, I am a newbie to this forum and I'm hoping someone here can help me. I have a Nelco sewing machine, gifted to me in the 1980s, Model SZA-221F. It came with 4 metal bobbins, and I lost one, so now have only 3. I have hunted everywhere for bobbins that will fit this machine, with no success. The bobbins measure 21 mm in diameter, 7 mm high, and they are very slightly convex. Does anyone know what type of bobbin matches those measurements? Thanks in advance for any info you can give me.
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Welcome to Quilting Board. Those measurements don't match up with the dimensions of what I believe was the bobbin used for Nelco machines. Is this the only machine you have? According to https://www.sewingparts.co.uk/machines/nelco-221.html it would take class 15 bobbins.
Here are some information about bobbins and their measurements are:

However, I did find https://tv-sewingcenter.com/general/...-right-bobbins where
Gail stated
I need a bobbin for a Nelco zigzag machine model SZA- 221F. I HAVE TRIED CLASS 66 AND 15 BUT they DO NOT WORK.
Although, I'm not particularly impressed with many of the responses to the comments on that page.

Since you have had the machine that long, I'm going to guess that you have used those bobbins during that time and they actually work with your machine. Perhaps if you post a picture of your machine, the bobbins that you have been using and the bobbin area, it would help identify the correct bobbins.

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Here is a page that describes and has photographs of most common bobbins. If it is Class 15, they are available everywhere they sell sewing supplies (Jo Anns) as well a Amazon and maybe even Walmart..
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https://www.sewingparts.co.uk/machines/nelco-221.html Do these look like the ones you're trying to track down?

the 221F may be different as the bobbins on this page are only 11 mm high according to the picture on the bobbin link.

The Nelco history page says that they are copies of Necchi and Elna machines and the ebay and amazon folks sell the necchi bobbins for elna and nelco machines. That doesn't mean they are really going to work for you if your bobbin is 7 mm high. Here's the history page I was looking at: https://sewingiscool.com/nelco-sewing-machine-history/

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https://silverbobbin.com/nelco-sewing-machine-models/ -- here's another history page. Interesting history on this machine! Do you have the manual for it? Does it mention bobbins?
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