which machines are left homing?

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Default which machines are left homing?

I remember seeing someone post that certain machines mentioned in various threads here were 'left homing'..at the time it didn't mean too much to me but should have since 1) I quilt and 2) I know my tastes eventually change and I'd eventually come across some of these!

is it the 15 clones or the japanese badged machines? nearly all or some? also someone posted a pic on a facebook group of what looks like a 15 clone and someone said it took different needles than the 'usual' ones..I thought all the 15s took the regular needles.

also anyone know if the kenmore 48 is left homing? it doesn't seem to be but I'm a little paranoid now what about that cool hot pink morse and the fotomatics and the pink atlas?
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My Morse Fotomatic IV is left homing, but it's so neat I'll keep in anyway.

It's only zigzag machines that may be left homing, and Singer 15 clones are straight stitch machines.

And if it took different needles, then it's not a Singer Clone. It's not just the outside that makes it a clone- it's that the mfg used Singer's design. Other companies may have tried to copy Singer and produced a machine that looked similar on the outside, but it's in no way a "clone" as the insides are different.
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My grandmothers Nelco is left homing. It is annoying to me and I don't use it much. It also weighs 38 lbs. I think it is a 210T model? Its been awhile since it was out. My other Nelco, a Amica Maxi 3000 may be left homing. I'm not real sure what it is since it is a little strange. The bed moves. It is interesting and sews very well, it's just different.
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I think it would be difficult to name all the left homing models. My White 2334 is left homing. It does not have a setting to move the needle to the left, right or middle.
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thank you! is there an easy way to tell just from looking at a picture if a machine is left homing or is it something you see close up? the fotomatics look cool so I'll probably still grab one if I came across it but wont' try quilting with it!

thank you!
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If you see a knob or lever marked "L M R" - that's "left, middle, right" so that shows it's NOT left-homing.

That's the only tip I have to offer, and that's what I always look for when looking at ZZ machines online that I'm not familiar with.
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I have a few left homing machines which I don't particularly care to use but I keep them because like Macybaby, I think they are neat and mine are quite colorful.
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The one on FB was not labeled correctly in the first comments. It was a straight stitcher made by a different US manufacturer around the same time as the first 15-class clones were imported. There is no "15 clone" that was also made in the US. (I think the FB mystery machine was a Free-Westinghouse but do not quote me on that.)
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yes that's the one - free westinghouse. so that wasn't a 15 clone? I didn't realize there were US companies copying the 15 as well. learn something new every day! i just bought a pink atlas and think she told me it was also US not japanese..haven't researched it yet but I love it! sews beautifully and sounds so quiet yet powerful!

I would also likely buy the cool looking machines if they're left-homing just because they look neat but I know their use would be even more limited since I mostly piece/quilt though I could probably branch out into other sewing. I DO like doing the occasional easy apron pattern

looking for L C R makes sense..I haven't noticed it on any I've looked at lately though but I've just now sorta started looking at zigzags after realizing my herd has a lot of straight stitch machines though with quilting that's almost all I use except for the occasional applique or decorative stitch for a pillowcase or apron...
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Sometimes(well, rarely) the pics of the machine will be good enough that you can look closely at the front of the machine, especially the needle area. If the needle looks to be in the left position then I look closer at the knobs and/or levers to see if I can figure out what settings are dialed in. Straight stitch setting, no L-C-R, needle to the left, Bingo! Or look to see if there's a straight stitch needle plate with the accessories. That plate is a definite tell of a left needle machine.
I have a couple of them, but one I love to use is my Underwood 142b. Just not for quilting.

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