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Default Montgomery Ward question

Montgomery Ward sewing machines often have the letters UHT or URR in their model designation. As I understand, most of the machines were made in Japan, by various companies, the foremost of which was Happy Sewing Machine Co. What do the UHT and URR refer to?
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That's a good question! I can't find anything online to explain the letters in the model numbers. I hope one of our vintage machine wizards may know.
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Those letters probably tell you who the manufacturer was. I would ask this question on Zorba used to have a list on his site (, but I couldn't find it. I know it has been a continuing pursuit of some of the victoriansweatshop posters to identify those manufacturing companies.
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I have a blue machine from the 50's, it was my mom's who bought it soon after their marriage. On the face plate it has Deluxe Round bobbin Model 385B Made in Japan It's serial is H 7613001. But under the base plate there is a label that said if any questions use model #, serial number and use Sewing Head Model No URR-385B Serial 55X.

URR and UHT may be the head style mine is very 50's modern.
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The list that bkay was referring to is for JA & JC numbers that are on Japanese made machines. It can be found at The UHT & URR are Montgomery Wards model head numbers, which may or may not be used for the different manufacturers. It is possible that there are also JA and/or JC numbers on the URR & UHT machines.

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After reading through Zorba's information a few times, it looks like that, although there is some compiled information about the bed manufacturers and possibly related information about the companies that assembled the machines, exact details about what UHT and URR designate is not accessible at this time. Is that correct? The letters meant SOMETHING at one time, but exactly what has been veiled in the murky mists of Japanese sewing machine history.
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