Need bobbin case help

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What is the difference between end loader and front loader bobbin cases in this regard? I never though of that before. Come to think of it my 201 suddenly became a toploader lol.
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Most Singer cases will not work as the finger goes the wrong way. You can often times get them to fit though . . .

This is a Singer case in a Japanese clone.

And the same machine with the correct bobbin case.

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I got it back together. Thanks, Mickey. The Indian youtube video was the trick. Since my latch was in one hinged piece, it varied a little bit. I'm not sure that's the way I put it together last time, so maybe it will stay together this time.

What I had to do was partially insert the tab, then insert the spring and finish inserting the tab. It went together really easily. It does have a little tiny screw in it that I will tighten. I'm going to do some demo stitches, so I should know if it's going to fall apart again before I sell it. I assume if it sews a straight stitch and a zigzag, then the bobbin case is correct. Then, if it falls apart, I will at least know what case I'm looking for. I just noticed his one has a J-HI on it. The machine is embossed on the bottom with an HI, in addition to JA and JC numbers, so this might be the right case.

Thanks for all your help.

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