I recently purchased an attachment at a FL quilt show that is supposed to Zig Zag on the Featherweight. I can't try it until I get home from FL and wondered if anyone has tried it. It is pale green and looks like a walking foot. The difference is the front in that it has a slot where you can insert one of the four included plates, depending on what type of stitch you want such as satin stitch, zig zag, blind hem stitch, etc. I bought it from a vendor, "The Old Sewing Machine Man" who demo'd it. There is no manufacturer's name, but there is a very clear instruction sheet with it and a picture of the attachment on the box. It was only $28, so if it doesn't work the loss isn't too great. That is about the only reason I want to leave warm , sunny FL on the 30th to return to cold MA as my curiosity is getting the best of me. I would be interested in hearing if anyone owns this and how it works.Thanks, Barbara from MA