Quilting with Class 15 Clone?

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Default Quilting with Class 15 Clone?

Hello all!
I have a class 15 clone that I have used for general sewing and piecing. I would like to quilt with it and I have three questions.
(1) Can I do straight line quilting using the regular foot? (This is the only foot I have) Would any tension adjustments be necessary?
(2) If I need a walking foot will any short shank walking foot work? There used to be an online parts retailer that carried a walking foot specifically for the narrow feed dogs on these machines, but they do not sell those any longer.
(3) What features should I look for in a darning foot for FMQ on this machine?

Thank you so much in advance for any answers/recommendations/discussion! There is so much knowledge and experience in this forum.
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For a darning/hopping foot, it depends on the machine. Even two of the same machine can prefer a different foot. I have 3 or 4 different ones so I can use the one that the machine I'm using likes. I even have one clone that doesn't like any of them, she will quilt just fine(even free motion) with just the regular straight stitch foot. On that particular machine I don't even drop the feed dogs.
For a walking foot, this is the one I use on my straight stitch machines -

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In general most low shank feet should work on your 15 clone. The only times I have had trouble are darning / embroidery feet with spring action. They usually work by a tiny finger touching the needle clamp, and for some feet it can be the wrong angle. I have managed to break two darning feet which in theory were low shank, but not made for the specific model. Unless you find a box of accessories belonging to your line of 15 clones, it will involve a certain amount of trial and error until you find one that work. The solid cast ruler feet for quilting usually work fine; equally so for generic walking feet but there are walking feet made to work optimally with the narrower feed dogs on the old straight stitchers. Tension is relatively easy to set on these. Bobbin tension is all about thread thickness, and everthing else tend to be light adjustment of the upper tension dial. I have to admit, it was a major fuzz for me until I got the hang of it.
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Cari-in Oly - Thanks so much for your response! I will order a darning foot and see if it works. That walking foot is the one I mentioned that is no longer available. The company has decided not to sell these any longer. I will also give the regular foot a try for quilting!
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Mickey2 Thank you for this info regarding the darning feet and tension. I plan to try using the regular foot and order a walking foot to try as well. I'm excited to give it a whirl!
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