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Thread: Singer Featherweight Machines

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    Singer Featherweight Machines

    I have worked for the Snyder County 4-H Program in Pennsylvania for 10 years and since I started many members have used the 3 Featherweight Singer Sewing Machines in our sewing machine stock.

    However, over the past few years our sewing member have declined and those that are still sewing have access to their own machines. I am writing to share pictures and information on the 3 machines we have, in hopes that someone can provide some background and some sources of selling the machines.

    There are 2 Singer Featherweight 221KS (the tag on the machine says 221J), serial numbers JE157593, and JE 157540.

    I also have a Singer Featherweight 221-1, serial number AH553683.

    I have confirmed on the Singer site the manufacturing date of 1961 for the 221KS machines and 1948 for the 221-1.

    I do not know if they work, since they have been sitting in storage for a few years.

    Pictures are attached showing the carrying case, instructions manual and accessories that are with tow of the units. I am not able to load the other picture. But that machine is just like the tan one pictured.

    Name:  JE157593.jpg
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Size:  977.5 KBName:  AH553683.jpg
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    Any help is appreciated.

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    You already have the background information from the Singer site- as for selling Ebay seems to be the way or if the local 4H has a yearly sale you might want to try that. You might want to plug them in and see if they work, do they need cleaning, how the wiring is ? Price values depends on what part of the country you are in , if they work, are they complete ( foot pedal , wiring ok, accessories, case condition, bobbin case) So many factors to consider- have you thought about maybe "awarding " them to a Grand Champion sewer ?
    To keep your mind fresh- learn one new thing a day !

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    Put them for sale on ebay or Craigs List and you can check ebay for past sold listings.

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    once you settle on a price your members might be interested in buying them!

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    On eBay they are selling anywhere from $200 to $275 (approximately) depending on condition and if all the accessories are there. You can't sell them on this board due to the selling rules--you have to be a member for a while. Anyway, good luck on selling them...eBay is probably your best/easiest option. Shipping is usually around $25 for these in their cases.

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    I have purchased several of these machines, check with your local sewing guild, or even a local quilt shop, they often have names of people who are interested in old sewing machines, if you lived closer I would be very interested in the brown one, good luck and I hope you sale goes well
    happy to have enough stash fabric at all time

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    Thanks to the FW history book that came with my recently purchased FW, maybe I can help a little here.

    The 221KS was probably built in Clydebank in Scotland. It is believed that the machine was started in Scotland at the Singer factory there and then sent to Canada for the motor and footpedal (or perhaps more) to be added. Canada and USA have different electrical needs from England so the Canada factory (St Johns, Newfoundland) finished the ones to be sold in N America.

    The 221J was definately made at the Canadian factory according to my research. Both of these machines were birthed in 1960-61. You said you were able to track these down to 1961 so that's good.

    The AH53683 (straited face plate?) was birthed April 20, 1948 and was made in Elizabeth, NJ, USA.

    The tan or white machines get more money than the common japan black. There were around 3.5 million FW made but they aren't making them anymore so even though the values are down a little, they are still a great thing to have and people are still looking for them. You should get more $$ if they are working so be sure to try them all out. They are a little picky about how they are threaded so be sure to check out the books that came with them. I thought my first FW was broken because I didn't have a book and threaded it wrong the first time I tried to sew.

    I have 3 black FWs at this point but don't have a white/tan one or a 222 so I'll still keep looking. Please let us all know what you decide to do because, I too would like a chance at one of the white/tan ones you have.

    Good luck!

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