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Originally Posted by leonf View Post
I would be considering going to a belt driven 15 and a bigger motor. May be a whole lot easer. or switching hand wheels on your 15-91 to a belt drive. Not that I have done it.
I promised no more thoughts, but technically this is to LeonF. I have a 15-90 and 15-91 in the garage, and although making a 91 into a 90 might be possible, it would require finding the bobbin winder/belt guard assembly for a 90 which mounts into the same holes as the potted motor on the 91. The handwheel on the 90 looks standard and mine has the tri-pole plug so there is a specialized bracket to hold that and the motor. It looks as though you can remove the tri-pole plug assembly from a 91 to reveal a standard rail mount. I haven't taken these apart just now, but going from memory when I had the respective machines apart for cleaning.

But Leon's idea is worth digging into further.
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I'm not a very good sewing machine mechanic, but I don't think it's probable that you will find a motor that will fit that housing. Instead, I'd find a Japanese mid-century model that came with a 1.5 amp motor, or I'd find a 66 and change it to a 1.5 amp motor. Also if I remember correctly, some of the vintage Kenmores have the 1.5 amp motor.
With the 66 or Japanese machine, you can use an existing table. Not so on the kenmore.
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I own, use a 15-91 daily and curious as to what projects your undertaking and what your expecting from the machine. Very rare in my opinion for the 15-91 to complain with what is thrown at it. If it fits under the pressure foot, the correct needle fitted with a well maintained/adjusted machine then it will sew what you want. Maybe you just need to make the jump to an industrial???
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