Stubborn hand wheel singer 293

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Default Stubborn hand wheel singer 293

I got this machine after being stored for 20 years...I got her cleaned up,can wind a bobbin,but the hand wheel is sluggish...doesn't move freely. I took the bobbin mechanism apart,cleaned,oiled. What to do about this hand wheel?
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Here is a link to an old post you might enjoy:
It isn't necessarily the hand wheel that has an issue, it is likely somewhere inside the machine. Some times Tri-Flo will loosen up the stuck parts. Some times it is rust and you will have to use a bike chain oil - that oil is green and has detergents in it but it will loosen up rusted parts. Some times it is hard to tell the difference between rust and dried oil. Rust will be somewhat rough like sand paper. Oil will be somewhat gummy - rust is never gummy. I had a pressure foot stuck on a Singer 201. I put T-F on it and nothing happened so I kept putting it on every couple days. I turned the machine upside down and put some on and let it set a while. Then one day Lovie and Wilbur were over so I said we would learn how to unstick a pressure foot. We oiled it a good one and then I loosened the spring and pulled on it a little tiny bit and it went. Then I readjusted the pressure (scary what Wilbur knows how to do...) Good as gold. Some times the oils used back in the day set up like superglue in the tubes the needle bar or the pressure bar go through and you have to heat them in order to get them to budge.
It can take some time to get some of them to move. Janie the 15 clone was the first machine I ever freed up with only Triflow. I was so amazed at how well it worked. I have another machine that was more deluxe and it was badly frozen up - more complicated, too. I was advised by Ray White that the Triflow might take a month to free things up - it freed up eventually. I oil any thing that moves. Look way up inside the machine for anything that moves - chances are that is frozen up due to either dried up oil or never had any. Under the machine - drop one drop on anything that moves. Jiggled the hand crank as you go. Some times things will move - some times not. Jiggle anyway all you need is a tiny amount of oil to get in there and lubricate - it is not the oil you see that gunks up a machine - it is the tiny little bit of dried up oil you can't see that is causing it to freeze up. Never force it. If you have plastic parts do not use heat. Heat can some times speed things up. I have a hair dryer. You can also turn the machine on it's side or back, on end, upside down - get the oil to go in those little tight places. Gently attempt to crank the machine some more. I rarely have to disassemble to get it to move. I do remove the bobbin area and pull the tension out and clean and then put it back - that way I know it is right - I've seen all kinds of creative tension re-assembly.

This is a copy from another similar question so answer may not be directly answering your question.
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If it's the free motion screw not entirely freeing up the movements I would start by taking off the stop motion screw and hand wheel; then oil all parts involved, both the turn axle the wheel goes one and inside the wheel. In my experience it often takes a bit of effort to get a machine running like new again, the best way about it is exactly what you have done; put it on a table, clean it up, detect all oil points and start to use the machine; keep on oiling diligently and tend to all the small issues turning up along the way.
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