Throw away a working machine?

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Default Throw away a working machine?

Would you throw away a working sewing machine? What would you do with this machine?

Machine: 1970s store brand Japanese flatbed sewing machine with case, looks great, has always sewn well and still does, but has cracked nylon gears reinforced with super glue and baking soda manual anywhere.

If rehoming, the machine could come with a few generic low shank feet, tools and a little accessory box. After disclosing the cracks, I could give only the machine away free or include the simple accessories and sell the machine cheaply for the value of the accessories.

The machine is not a good candidate for a beginning sewing person because the bobbin is not convenient to access and there is no manual, (none found online).

Also, I do have the original sewing table made for this machine which I could include. It needs tightening and refinishing.

What would you do with a machine like this?
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My first response was, my family history is never get rid of anything that works, you never know when you may need it. But looking at my sewing room today, get rid of it. If you have a sewing machine repairman in the area - ask him/her if they want it for parts. If not, advertise it for free on Craig's List - someone may need it for parts. Since the repairs you made may or may not hold much longer you don't want a new sewer to take it unless they understand that when it goes again, it needs to be put out of it's misery. I always hold on to stuff and it's getting out of hand. So tomorrow I plan to purge a lot in my sewing room

My new rule is, if I buy a new pot - an old one does out. If I buy a new shirt, one is gone, and so on. This does not go with my Accuquilt dies however - they seem to be multiplying like rabbits. But I am getting good at giving away my scraps and salvage edges on a yearly basis.

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I never found a descent solution for cracked or worn plastic gears. I re-labeled the machine: boat anchor.
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Alas, I did toss a machine with plastic gears. I hated to do it but, I didn't want to pass along a headache to someone else. But mine was not complete like your's sounds with table and accessories. I would get and estimate on repairing it, and try to pass it along with the estimate. I wouldn't put money into it. Someone, may want it. If not, boat anchor.
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I also try to save things as long as they work, but if you have other machines that do the same job, I’d get rid of it. If you can reuse the cabinet and accessories you could save them. We are also purging a lot of “stuff” from our house, but we haven’t made it to the sewing room yet.
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You could offer it up for parts on one of the free sites and see if you get a response.
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um....I have a Pfaff passport 2.0 that I don't know what to do works...then it doesn't work....then it works...then it decides to go full speed ahead all by itself and will not stop when I push the stop button so I have to unplug it....when it works good...had it into the repair shop...worked great the whole time he had it and he tried stitching with it for over a half hour...turning it on and problem....It is now just setting here...getting in the way...would like to get rid of it...thought I had a taker...but no dice....after I explained it's problems....I have 4 other machines....but one is an antique computer one so when it goes down, it is gone....another one is my new Bernina that I have had problems with and haven't had the heart to try it again after it's third time in the repair shop, another one is in the basement but is a singer 66 that needs to be put back in it's there I go...maybe I should get rid of the mess of them and just get a good low to mid range machine for piecing...that is what I do most of. I am doing the mystery on my old Viking D1 which is a true joy to piece on while she lasts. I would get rid of that machine somehow either by offering it to someone for free or just calling up local repair shops and seeing if they want it for free...or just recycle what you our recycling center we have an area where maybe good stuff can be picked up by others...don't think it is open now during the pandemic...I would put a note on it that explains it's problems though so as to safe anyone a headache trying to figure it out.
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Thanks to all of you for sharing your helpful thoughts and great ideas regarding sewing machines with terminal issues. More input is welcome. It seems like purge is the word for starting this new year!
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Some charity that helps. homeless or prison women may take it so they can teach the women to sew. One of our women's prisons in oklahoma has a sewing group and they are making quilts out of donated material. They made masks at the beginning of the Covid epidemic.
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I think Toverly has the right idea. I would like to gently say that this may not be a "working machine". I would feel bad to donate a machine like this to a group like gmcsewer mentioned.
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