Wingnut for Bentwood Case

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Default Wingnut for Bentwood Case

I'm in the middle of restoring a Singer Model 12 fiddlebase that came in a bentwood case. The handle on top was orginally held in place by two wingnuts. One wingnut was apparently lost over time and a regular nut was used. I'd like to find another wingnut but I'm having a bit of difficulty finding one that is the right size. The size is 5/16" and the thread is 24 (called the fine thread). There are some newer wingnuts out there with the coarse thread (18). I suspect the original wingnuts were made by Simanco and the style is what I would call "mouse ears" look. Anyone know where they might be found?

Also, I'm still looking for the Acanthus decals that can be used for the machine. The guy in Florida is not making them at the moment. A seller in Portugal has mailed me the decals but after six weeks it appears to be stuck in New York being lost/processed by the USPS.

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