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Default Which would you keep

I have a Singer Model 66 from 1927 and a Singer Model 127 from 1925. If all things were equal and you could only keep one, which would you keep (and why) ?
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I would keep the 66. I like the 66 bobbin. I hate the whole shuttle thing on the 127.
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I have a 127. It is sitting in parts right now, and I've never used it. I also have a 66 with the Red Eye decals in a treadle, which I've used to piece 1 lap quilt top. If I had to choose 1, I'd stick with the 66. You can find replacement bobbins for both, but I've seen metal 66 bobbins even at Wal-Mart, so it would be easier to find those. But who knows, if the 127 were all together and running perfectly, that might be what made me happy!
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I have both and I could not part with either one. I use all my sewing machines -I try not to favor any one in particular I actually have 2 Vintage Singers in the living room because their to heavy to get upstairs and I shoved the couch I don't use into the dining room that I never use.I only have 2 "fetishes" =fabric and vintage machines.
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I would keep the 66. I have several and love them.
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Both are treadles, the #127 has Sphinx decals and I just got it, it needs TLC. The #66 i've refinished and is in working order, but decals are 'barely there'. I know it depends on what I'm going to do with them, but I'm leaning toward making the #127 shuttle a working model as it sooo reminds me of my grandma. I do appreciate the answers to my question.
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There are about 6-8 66's in my collection. Some of them are clones, but they are all wonderful. They get used, (as are the other vintage machines,) in my youth sewing classes. The kids can't mess up these older machines as easily as they do the new ones. The 66's are workhorses with which I'd never part. The 127's have a long history, and many models in their category. There was a great article, with lot's of links, published recently in Wikipedia about the 127's. I share the, "wouldn't part with either of them," opinion. However, the "value" is an individual preference.
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I think I would go with the 66 also, since I am more familiar with that machine. I also have plenty of machines that use 66 bobbins (99, 192, 185, 500, 503, 401, etc.).

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Your question just made my brain explode. Can't part with any .
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IF I could only keep one, it would be the 127. I love the shuttle bobbins, and love the sound they make as you sew.
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