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Thread: The kindness of strangers

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    Quote Originally Posted by AUQuilter
    Just by telling this story you may have inspired so many to pay it forward with kindness. Sometimes the simplest of gestures can be the catalyst for greatness. Thanks for sharing and reminding us to step up to kindness.
    Well said :thumbup:

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    Great story to read first thing in the morning. Thank you for sharing it.

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    New York City/Manhattan

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    So sweet

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    Quote Originally Posted by sueisallaboutquilts
    Back in January when my Mom was sick we drove to New York several times.
    I brought yo-yo's to give me something to do in the car. Well, in my haste I forgot scissors.
    At a gas station place I asked if they sold any type of scissors and the clerk say they did not. My sister was with me and I told her not a problem. I'll figure something out. We paid for our purchases and left w/o another thought of scissors.
    Suddenly the clerk ran out (in COLD Jan weather) with a pair of generic scissors. He told me they had lots of them and maybe they would work for me.
    He had no idea why I was traveling but on that day, so scared for my Mom 's condition, that young man made my day.
    I will never forget his kindness. He wouldn't take any payment and said to keep them. He will never know how much it meant to me.
    I just found the bag they were in and had to tell you all :)
    PS My Mom is doing great now but it sure was a scary time for all of us.
    We all have a Guardin Angel, Stranger things have happened. Glad to hear Mom is doing great

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    WOW - thank you for sharing this as it made my day as well!! God bless that store clerk for going above and beyond and praise to Him that all is well with your mother. :)

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    that is such a sweet story, there are wonderful people in this world and angels always with us!

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    Great story thanks for sharing.

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    That's a wonderful story, wish there were more like that.

    My husband was traveling in a city he didn't know. He stopped at a convenience store to buy a map book & a soda. At the counter he realized he left his wallet in the car. He left the stuff there and went to the car. By the time he got his wallet and started back to the store, the lady in line behind him came walking out of the store with his stuff, walked right up to him and said here, you forgot these. He tried to tell her that he hadn't paid for them yet but she waived him off and said everything was taken care of and she was late for work. He stood there in the cold for a while comprehending the whole situation. Went back in & the clerk verified the stuff was paid for by the lady. On the way out the door, someone said pay it forward.
    He has, many times.
    I tried to buy a soda for a guy once and he thought I was stealing it. Oh well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moonwork42029
    I try to do small things to make other people smile at random times...you never know what is going on in their lives and it might make a world of difference to them.

    We ride a Goldwing and travel many back roads. I try to wave if I see someone outside...some wave back and others don't. I like to think at least they know "someone" saw and thought about them today even if no one else does.

    Glad the clerk had a good heart :) Character is hard to find somedays.
    MY DBF and I ride a 1999 Harley Night Train. He is a hardcore biker (will ride in ANY weather). Riding on back I see many things that he does not. And I too wave at anyone that waves at us or just wave to be nice. Part of the reason being is that he is kinda scary on that bike. He is a big, tattooed up man that looks mad a lot. He is not mad but it is just the way he looks. It tends to scare most people. lol

    I too believe in paying it forward, Karma, and being kind to those that are kind to you.

    By the way...watch for motorcycles they are everywhere. We have had several friends injured already this year due to drivers not seeing them.

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