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Thread: New Year; NEW life!!!!

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    Senior Member adriansmom's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    Council Bluffs, IA
    Well I am at almost 6 months out(Cathy's day of leaving) now. And I have to say that as much as this Past Christmas and New Years and Thanksgiving seriously was not FUN! It was also a very interesting time as well.......it seems that I am in a new relationship with a widow from the website I joined back a few months ago. HA HA HA

    Her name is Jill and she is as much like Cathy as she is different and her own unique person! Which I really like!! Do not want another Cathy!!! EVER! Not fair to either of them. While she can suture a wound closed, she is not a sewer in any way or shape! HA HA! She and Cathy would have been good friends I believe.

    Jill is about 14 months out, from loosing her second husband to a cardiac failure from an aneurisym(sp??) repair that introduced a bacteria into his blood stream and a week later stopped his heart.

    She has one little boy about about Adrian's age so they are somewhat good together! HA HA HA!!! Fight over the DAMN COMPUTER THOUGH!!! HA HA! She is also an animal doc.(vet.) and works in Des Moines, Iowa. And is EXACTLY TO THE DAY FOLKS! Two years older than me! Strange right there,

    But we met through trying to set up a state/regional meeting for those of us on the website and it strangely took a different turn...and we met the first weekend of Dec. and when I looked into her eyes....I knew it was going to be something that would last a very long time! We have been together pretty much every weekend since! Either at her place in Central Iowa or here at the apartment in CB.

    I knew this would come, and so far EVERYONE that matters to me at this point in life has been pretty supportive and this is good because I was very worried about her mom viewing this as me not "grieving long enough" and "forgetting Cathy" which I told her and everyone else...this would never happen!!!!!!

    And as the Good Lord is my witness so long as I am able to remember things: Cathy will ALWAYS have a room at the inn in my heart! After all I am who I am today(which I question some days!) thanks to alot of Cathy's influence on me.

    She truly did teach me so much! She made me BETTER! for the next gal I was to be with and also would be a mom to Adrian. And they get along very well by the way. A must of course. Adrian does still talk about Cathy and asks to go to her "new place" for a visit every now and then. Which I take him of course. He had to buy her a Christmas present this year and he made sure that we took it to her(have those pictures up on my FB account.) And we had a "nice" time delivering "Mommie's Present" as much as it hurt us to do this. I so hate going to a gravesite to give her things on important dates!

    Again I hope that each and everyone of you here on the board has had a really great end of year and that you will have a very memorable and easy 2011!

    Thanks again ya' all! Out of the ALL the groups I belong to Save for one man and his wife whom I have never met! This BBS and it members are the ONLY ONES TO DO ANYTHING TO MAKE US FEEL LIKE WE MEANT SOMETHING!!!!

    It was so nice to see Cathy's face light up when she got her "gifts" from all of you on here, and if ever, and I mean this!

    Any of you need something that I might be able to assist you with....ask me! I can be found through a few folks on here! USE them to find me! Short of a misdemeanor...I would do about anything to help one of you out of a rough spot if I was able too!!!

    Be at peace in Word and Deed!
    Arron (Cathy's Progressing first husband forever!)

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    Super Member feline fanatic's Avatar
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    May 2009
    Arron, I think this is wonderful news and I truly believe Cathy is happy that you and Adrian have found somebody. Blessings in 2011.

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    Moderator Up North's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
    North East Lower peninsula of Michigan
    Arron such wonderful news, I am sure Cathy would want you to move on and Adrian needs a mommy at this stage in his life. Sure hope things work out for you and have a great new year! Of course you will never forget her nor will Adrian but moving on is a good thing.

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    Power Poster cjomomma's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    Murray, Ky. Looking for a nice cushy pillow to rest my head on!
    Blog Entries
    Arron that is wonderful news. Cathy would have wanted you to move on. I can just imagine how hard it was over the holidays for you and Adrian but it will get easier. May you have a wonderful life with Jill. Thank you for keeping us posted on how things are going for you 2.

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    Nov 2009
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    Happy New year to you and Adrian. And what a way to start a new year. Glad to hear of the good turn in your life.

    May God bless you and Jill and Adrian this new year.

    Stop in from time to time and stay in touch. Jill may not quilt, but we can teach her! LOLL

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    Super Member Ditter43's Avatar
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    Jan 2007
    Crystal River Florida
    That is wonderful news! I doubt if anyone would deny you the right to go on with your life. Take things slow and be sure. The priority has to be your son first then you. I'm sure you already do that. Be happy!!! That's is what Cathy would want for you both. :thumbup: :D

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    Super Member Marlys's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    Eastern Montana
    I am very happy for you Arron. In this year of new beginnings I wish you much happiness!

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    Moderator Jim's Gem's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
    Camarillo, California
    Wonderful news!! I am very happy for you Arron and for Adiran. I pray this year truly is a year of new and wonderful beginnings!

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    Super Member maryb119's Avatar
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    Dec 2009
    Wonderful to hear from you and that you are going forward with your life for yourself and Adrian. Just take your time and get to know her and enjoy your time together. I'm happy for you both.

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    Senior Member
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    Jul 2010
    abbeville sc
    wishing you Gods blessing in all you do.

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