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Thread: A question for the mommy's out there!!!

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    leona07's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    My friend/co-worker is having her first baby. Her baby shower is May 30th. What are some items that you just couldn't live without!!!??? I would be really interested in knowing things that you normally don't receive as baby shower gifts, but that were essentials for you and the baby!!

    Thank you in advance for any tips!!!

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    MelissaK's Avatar
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    Dec 2007
    -Reusable sterilizing bags for the microwave (Target). YOu put the bottles and stuff in them instead of boiling. Saves a lot of time and effort.

    -A container that fits 3 feedings worth of formula (target). This was great while traveling b/c I didn't have to bring an entire can of forumla and it messes up the ounces if you put the formula in the bottle before the water.

    -Cooler for bottles during the night. I would make a couple and bring them upstairs and leave them in a cooler w/ freezer packs. That way I didn't have to go downstairs and make a bottle at 3am. Then I would have the warmer up their too to heat them up while I changed her. I was lazy!

    - Two Boppy pillows... one for downstairs and one for up!

    Lots and lots of tlc!

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    Piedmont Quilter's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    North Carolina
    One of the neatest gifts I got when I was expecting my first was a nursing gown and gown for the baby that matched. I think JC Penny used to carry them, I don't know now since that was 13 years ago. Also, they have these neat pillows now that wraps around you that gives you added support while holding/feeding the baby.

    Piedmont Quilter

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    flowergirlWard17's Avatar
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    May 2009
    Diapers, Diapers, and more diapers.
    At an average cost of $70 a month, and gifts of diapers were appreciated. I giggle, though, because my first box of gifted diapers lasted barely 1 week.
    If you can, a box of diapers in each size so they don't have to run out to the store to get the next size up when they discover baby has grown. Clip and use coupons to help reduce that cost. Two boxes of newborn diapers should last a couple weeks and will really help reduce the cost of newborn baby.
    Good luck and congrats to the new mom!

    Enn the flower grower

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    leona07's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    Amen, on the diapers!! My best friend had a baby when she was 17. I am like her daughters second mommy. I bought her a TON of diapers to help her out. Her daughter was very sensitive to diapers and could only of course tolerate the spendy kind. Too bad the organic rage hadn't yet hit 8 years ago, or she could have used organic disposable diapers.

    I like doing a basket of a bunch of items for baby gifts. So I will definitely be putting diapers in the there. The expecting mom is wanting organic items for the baby. I just happen to have seen organic baby shampoo etc. coupons in the paper last weekend so I am going to get her a set of that too. I won a $10 gift card on the march shop hop and didn't find anything that I just had to have, but they had a set of two organic burp cloths for $9.99 so I got those for her too.

    Also, while hunting on the internet for ideas I found something I thought was so neat!! It was a insulated bottle holder to keep a bottle warm so when you go places you have a ready, warm bottle waiting when it is needed. My best friend would have loved that!! It was always such a pain having to ask at places if she could get warm water to make a bottle, some people just aren't very understanding. So I may have to get one of those too.

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    community benefactor collettakay's Avatar
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    May 2008
    Hyndman, PA
    If she wants to go organic, is she also planning on cloth diapering. I didn't use cloth diapers but I know they are making a MAJOR comeback. There are also patterns for really cute cloth diaper covers. Even if she would only use them while at home it would really cut back on the cost of diapers.

    I could not have lived without my bottle sterilizer. No boiling bottles for me.

    Clothes for all stages are great. It was really nice to have some new clothes on hand for when baby outgrew her clothes.

    Here is one I always think about: A certificate for a massage for mom. After carrying around the baby for so long and then tending the new little one, mom will really need some "me time". Or a mani/pedi. That would feel awesome to those poor pregnant hands and feet.

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    Senior Member Rose Hall's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    Lynchburg, VA
    If you are doing a basket, some burp cloths are great. also, for diaper rash--Bordeaux Butt Paste. it's the ABSOLUTE best. not sure of the spelling. My Mo only had one diaper rash (lasted a month, ugh!) but fresh air and butt paste cleared it up.
    Coupons for laundry, dinner, etc. are always appreciated (if you think she would use them). I had friends give me coupons and they were a lifesaver after my Mom went back home.
    Rose Hall

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    Super Member Maride's Avatar
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    Sep 2008
    New York, NY
    I made a basket for a baby shower and it was so popular that people asked me later to make it again for them. I included the things that you forget you will need until you need them. Some of the things I included was: manicure set, infant tylenol, diaper rash cream, baby hair brush, thermometer, Ipecac syrup, baby wipes, Ivory Snow, tea bags (for Mom), Movie tickets (for Mom and Dad), a certificate for babysitting by me, a small gift for older sibblings if any, they tend to feel left out, and a $20.00 gas card for Dad, since we lived far from the hospital and he was going there every day twice a day and she was there for a week. It has been over 10 years since the first time I made the first one and I have lost track of how many I have made since.


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    k3n is offline
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    Feb 2009
    Somerset, England
    Blog Entries
    I was going to say burp cloths but Rose got there first - can NEVER have too many of those! Also basic terry cotton sleep suits - my kids got bought some really cute patterned ones but for every one I bet you could have had 3 plain - quantity not quality so you don't have to launder so often! Oh and bibs - to go with the burp cloths, AND finally, NOTHING that needs ironing!!! How many cute cotton dresses did Lily get given that she hardly wore because I couldn't face ironing them!

    K x

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    Oct 2007
    A live in Nanny for the night time feedings! LOL

    Seriously, diapers, lots and lots of diapers. All my kids used soothers and I made a point of buying several of the ones they preferred so I never had the nightmare of needing a new one after the stores were closed.

    Gosh it's been so long I have forgotten all the stuff I couldn't live without. lol

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