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Thread: We Swore We Wouldn't Get Another Dog...

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    We Swore We Wouldn't Get Another Dog...

    ...until we stopped homeschooling and I had less on my plate--since I'm ALWAYS the one who gets stuck with the pet care, regardless of who the pet belongs to. It's a little difficult to give a dog enough attention and care when you're homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, doing lesson plans and of course, quilting/sewing/crafting. And, our last dog bit our youngest daughter in the hand--the daughter who has a medical condition that has serious consequences for hand injuries. Finding a new home for that dog broke my oldest DD's heart since it was her dog, but she knew it was for the best. All this made me very leery about getting another one. Then my wonderful brother (said with dripping sarcasm) told my DD about a friend who had inherited his mother's dogs and since there was 8 of them in their house now, they would have to put some of them down if they couldn't find homes. I'm a sucker for rescue pets. I just can't bear to put down a pet for such a poor reason.

    That's how Bitsy came into our lives. All the pets we have ever had have been rescued pets, except for two. We initially said no, but our oldest, age 9, came to us with a plan to take full responsibility. She assure us that she would bathe the tiny dog, clean up any messes, walk her and feed/water her. When she found out what was going to happen to this pup (only 6 months old!), her heart began to break all over again. We couldn't stand that so now we are dog owners again. So far, so good. She definitely a lap dog and sleeps most of the day. My only complaints are that we were told she was house broken, which she's not, and she whines when we have to ignore her to do school.

    The picture of her with my oldest DD was when she first came to us a few days ago and she was very nervous. The other picture is of her, in her glory, owning the couch beside DH.
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    Aw she's so cute and probably scared to death being the only dog after being used to 7 others around. Maybe she's just nervous and that's why she seems not housetrained. Probably when she gets used to you all she'll be fine. Maybe if you give her a soft toy when you can't be with her it'll help. Good luck. bless you for taking her in. Sue

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    Oh, what a precious puppy! I've had a dog all my life, but I swear the current one--a yellow lab--is the last. The one before was a sheltie and I was also told he was housebroken. He might have been in their house, but I had to train him all over again. It was well worth the effort though. Good luck with your new doggie.

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    We have 4 of them and the last one was a rescue from our shelter 2 days before they euthanized the entire population.

    I am so happy that she has a forever home now, your daughter and her make a cute couple!!! I can tell she will be VERY spoiled like ours are. Good luck and happy new years!!


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    She is adorable (and so is the little girl!) I am sure Bitsy will become more comfortable in her new surroundings and not whine when she is ignored. She is used to having many playmates! We rescued a 4 yo shepherd in September and he is awful when we don't give him our full attention! But, he is getting better. Give the sweet baby some time and I am sure she will settle right in!!
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    How could anyone say no to that face! haha Reminds me of a dog my husband and I got after we were first married. His name was Sam and someone stole him from my inlaws house.

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    Aww what a sweet pup, and that smile is worth a million words on your daughters face. I have a bulldog that can be a pure brat when he wants attention and that can be most of the time lol . I would suggest crate training to help with housebreaking and to limit distractions during school time.

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    What a sweet face. How could you have possibly say no to that, lol? You are so had, lol. Good luck reminding the pup that it is housebroken. Remember you have to watch for signs. I have one that will still potty in the house if we don't pay attention to her signals. Our fault. But the love they give us in return.....worth it.
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    I have a little chihuahua who thinks she is an 85# rotweiller !! I got her when she was 5 weeks old (she's now 5 yrs) and she is like a shadow. No matter where I am in the house or what I am doing she has to be right there. We have spanish tile floors in all but the bedrooms in our house and she refuses to set her little bottom on the cold floor, so have dogs beds in the Kitchen, hallway, living room and under my sewing table in the dining room. We get so attached to them that they are just part of the family. Your sweet little one is so adorable and the look on that child's face is priceless....
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    So cute-how could you resist? LOL
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