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Thread: What will your New Year's Resolution be this year?

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    Super Member Podunk Princess's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
    North Central Arkansas

    What will your New Year's Resolution be this year?

    I know we are all focused on preparing for the Christmas holidays but I've been trying to come up with a resolution for 2012 that isn't one of the "old standards" (like weight loss and dieting) that usually are forgotten by the end of January. I've pretty much decided that my resolution will be to have a more positive attitude about the future. In today's world with the economic situation, upcoming elections, and military conflicts, it's really hard to be optimistic about things, especially as the aging process brings new challenges to deal with. Even if things don't improve all that much in 2012, having a more positive outlook couldn't hurt and might even rub off on others around me.

    What are some things you are considering for the new year?
    Miss Rita

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    Oct 2011
    McMinnville, OR
    My New Years resolution will be just to make it through 2012 in one piece. My 2011 was hell and I'm lucky to still be alive and still have my mind. So I'm looking forward to a peaceful, healthy 2012 for myself, my children and my grandchildren.

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    Junior Member Panchita's Avatar
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    Aug 2011
    Chester, England
    I too am planning to do the more 'positive' New Year's resolutions, rather than the 'don't do X' (not that the 'don't' don't apply to me!).

    After a year that my own doctor described as 'traumatic' I am all about the looking forward to the future with anticipation, since the source of my stress has now gone.

    So I want to:
    See my friends on a more regular basis
    Read one biography on each of the U.S. Presidents, well-known and not so well-known, over the next year
    Learn to do this 'zumba' thing that everyone is on about

    World peace and a more positive world outlook would be good too, but I can only contribute to that by trying to be kind to those around me. So I'll do that too.

    Quilting is my vice

    Live well, laugh often, love much

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    Super Member dakotamaid's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
    South central Nebraska, US
    Be more positive, I'm posting a message on my bathroom mirror for 2012!!!!
    Have a great day sewing and remember to "not sweat the small stuff"!!

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    Jul 2011
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    keep buying fabric LOL

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    Super Member KimmieH's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    Western NY
    learn to let it go.....and....count my blessings every day..

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    Senior Member Elise1's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    Learn something new.

    Try something I have never done before.

    Take risks.

    Expand myself.
    "Be brave enough to be who you really are.

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    Super Member Gramie bj's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
    Riverside Washington
    This List is a work in progress
    1.Try to really forgive not just say I do forgive. This one is hard for me, as I'm like an elephant and don't forget much.
    2.Starting Jan.9,2012 (earlier if I get all my Christmas Quilts done and cleaned up from Christmas) My sewing-craft room will be sorted out as if I were moving cross country, if not needed priced and ready for yard sale,(that includes my 3,000+ ceramic molds and klins) I want upper kitchen cabnets on one wall.
    3.When making a quilt use at least 3/4 of the fabric needed from my stash. Or don't make the quilt.
    4.Will also Not buy fabric unless it is required for a quilt I am making at the moment, and only buy what I need, no extra just cause I really like it.
    5.No more buying patterns, untill I use the ones I have set aside with required fabric in my stash.
    6.I will quilt my tops as I finish them. no more stock piling them to do latter. (Only exception, If I run out of batting and can't find a good sale.
    My goal is to use down my stash untill it all fits in my china cabnet, or on the shelves I have. I really want to get rid of all these plastic totes I have, They are always in the way, I am constantly having to move them, I have 2 chest of drawers full too. I'm really not sure what I have in the totes or the drawers anymore

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    Dec 2010
    jamestown, new york
    To keep working on getting the ufo's done. Made some progress in 2011 and want to keep going until they are all caught up. May take till 2013. lol.

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    Jul 2010
    Lebanon Missouri
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    I never made "Resolutions" I've always started out a new year as a clean chalk board with lots of pretty chalk.I'm not perfect nor do I strive to be.-- Each day is a Holiday for me and If I was to start making resolutions it would be to Keep Smiling

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