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Thread: who remember clotheslines?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GailG
    Oh my, bearisgray, I had forgotten about the order of washing. I did the same thing. Our washer was downstairs in the garage. By the time it got to the DH's heavily soiled work clothes, I was so tired going up and down the stairs (usually lugging one little one on my hip and one "in the oven" I would just let that work clothes agitate forever. He had the cleanest uniforms at the shop (he was a farm equipment/automobile mechanic). :lol: Thanks for the memory.
    My father-in-law did the contracting for our house which was built (1961-1962). My in-laws gave us the property the house is setting on.

    The in-laws had just gotten a new house maybe five years earlier, so I think a lot of their attitude was "if it's good enough for us, it's certainly good enough for you"

    Anyway - the laundry area is downstairs - had the wringer washing machine, BUT we had a water heater, could fill the machine with a hose from the faucets, had two cement tubs, could let the water out of the machine into a floor drain! This was such an improvement over what I had. This was truly living in the lap of luxury.

    I also got LOTS of exercise on wash day.

    Once in a while the laundry got truly out of hand and I would trek to the laundromat with a mountain of dirty clothes.

    We finally got a dryer maybe sometime in the 70's. I finally got an automatic washer sometime in the early 1990s.

    We have a septic system so there was a concern about overloading that. And I thought the hook-up was going to be a big deal. It wasn't.

    Stairs are not a big issue for me yet. I sometimes do use the handrail to help haul myself up and sometimes I do the "old lady" way of getting up steps - go up one step- bring the other foot up - go up another step-bring the other foot up even . ..

    I haven't had a clothesline up north since we got the dryer - we couldn't agree on where to put it. In Florida there's one out back in the "alley" - it's not really an alley because there's no road there, but I don't know what else to call it.

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    We did buy a dryer during the year our first child was born, but somehow the mentality was that it was to be used when it rained. teeheehee. We still did hang clothes out on the line when the weather was good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bevanger
    Quote Originally Posted by littlehud
    I remember clothes lines. My mom never had a dryer. I remember my dads pants would stand on their own when freeze dried in the winter. Thanks for the memories.
    Oh my , I remember that too, til dad brought home one of those wooden stand dryer deals. Then mom would turn the oven on and put that in front of it to dry.
    Oh, you are bringing back memories. We had one to and on the winter mornings my dad was home he would hang our socks on it so we had warm socks to put on.

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    My mother and my sister still hang their clothes on the line. I just had that experience while I visited them in Germany. OH YEAH and I remember why ai don't like them too:

    First of all, there is no way to hang wet clothes to where I don't have clothes-pin marks. it's like having dog-eared shirts.
    Second - the clothes get so darn hard when they dry on the line. I could almost stand my jeans in the corner.

    Thanks- I'm a spoilt CA brat and I want my clothes soft and without dog-ears. lol

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