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Thread: Baby Shower gift delemma

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    Apr 2011
    I migth go back tot he parents and say you found this great fabric etc etc do they still want the grey one. Otherwise I would go with the parents choice or make both quilts and say innocently it doesn't have a home and let them fall in love iwth it.

    Good luck

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    Is the mother going to only let him have things in his room that won't clash with the girl stuff? The no clashing colors in a room shared by two kids of different genders is ridiculous and I would have been laughing my butt off if I was told that was the reason for the quilt color choice. I'd by pass the quilt gift and give story books.
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    Maybe do something with the Lt pink, Lt blue, brown and yellow and Lt green something like this. Point is there are fabrics that would work to match her colors and yet appropriate for a boy. I think Dad would be upset. I know my husband would of if I came home with a pink quilt for a boy.

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    since you did ask, I think you should try to honor their wishes. If you really are having a hard time with the colors, see if you can add muted colors to it.
    While I'm not a big fan of black for a baby, black and white are what they can distinguish first. Maybe you could use zebra fabric and make it a jungle quilt.

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    I like the idea of the grey and black or the mother color choices for the front I bet you could do a pretty neat log cabin quilt with black grey and white and then use the colorful fabric for the back. That way everyone would be happy. One side is for the baby that can't see colors anyway and can be used in the bedroom that doesn't clash and then the bright colorful side as the baby grows and can be used in any other room. Then the parents decide which works for them. I think it might be a lovely compromise and make everyone feel valued
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crqltr View Post
    I think since you did ask that you should honor the request. You might find a boy fabric you could work gray and black into.
    i second this - you asked, you need to honor the answer you got.

    That's why I don't usually ask what kind of baby quilt parents want - if I know, I'll make one appropriate to a theme, otherwise they get what I've got available.

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    Why not do a two sided quilt? Black and gray on one side and the more boy oriented for the other side?

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    This color combo uses gray and wouldn't clash with pink... But definitely still babyish.

    If you google black gray baby quilt all kinds of neat options come up.

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    i have seen some animal prints in black and white, there may be some prints in black and white that have cars or trains, geometric prints in black and white could be a consideration. Do some kind of star block or pinwheels. There are also a lot of designs using hst's. Maybe use a bright blue that looks good with the pink as an accent for the baby boy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AFQSinc View Post
    And by the way, taking the quilt back and offering $10 as a consolation is passive-aggressive and nasty. I am hoping that you were making a joke.
    Nothing passive-aggressive or nasty, about it. IF the parents were so nasty as to cause a snit about the gift, I certainly wouldn't consider them worthy of a lovingly-made quilt. Do you know what a "snit" is . . . or is it just a southern term?

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