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Thread: Gel Seat Pad for Prolonged Sitting at Sewing Machine?

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    Gel Seat Pad for Prolonged Sitting at Sewing Machine?

    We all know it's not good to sit for too long, but I sew for a living and sometimes it is unavoidable. These days I am feeling there is too much pressure on the back of my thighs close to the edge of the chair ... and I guess elsewhere. I use a standard office chair with arms. Wondering if anyone has a good suggestion for gel (or something) pads to eliminate pressure points. I've even thought about looking at hospital supply outlets, but would love to know what YOU use.
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    my dh has a seat cushion that has gel in it for his office chair. It has really helped him. I forgot the name of the store I got it at though.It was that fancy one in the mall with all the neat gadets. Sorry can't help more.

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    Sounds like maybe your seat is adjusted too high. Can you lower it?

    I had a problem once with my tailbone. Medical supply stores have specially cut-out pads for that, but I just bought a piece of upholstery foam and cut a chunk out.

    I have a friend who has her machine set up on a high countertop. She stands to sew and says once you get used to it, it's very comfortable.

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    I have one and like it, I use it for the computer chair. When sewing I keep my iron and cutting table in the other room so I and not sitting all the time.

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    The cushion they advertise on TV as the Forever cushion (I think that is what it's called) has the gel inside and it is really worth the $20 when you find it at stores. Kmart here carrys it for $19.99. A girl at work bought one and wow does it make you feel comfy.

    For my office I actually bought one of those extra large exercise balls to sit on. I blew it up as big as I could get it. Everyone thought I was nutz! I don't use it all day or everyday but it makes a big difference. As I sit on it I can rock back and forth or side to side and get some exercise in the core muscles. and when you get tired or frustrated, you can just bounce up and down like a little kid and that makes everything better!

    Not sure if it would work in a sewing room or not....
    Lisa B in NC
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    Quote Originally Posted by QuiltingKrazy View Post
    The cushion they advertise on TV as the Forever cushion (I think that is what it's called) has the gel inside and it is really worth the $20 when you find it at stores. Kmart here carrys it for $19.99. A girl at work bought one and wow does it make you feel comfy. .
    I wondered about those. I may have to try one. Not for my sewing chair but for another chair in my sewing room.

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    When there's pressure on the back of the thighs, the front edge of the chair may be too high. On many office chairs the seat can be tilted. I have a "The Gypsy Sit Upon" www.thegypsyquilter.com from a LQS. It's something like the exercise balls but shaped like a round pillow. It takes the core muscles to keep balanced, so you do get some excercise. I take it to retreats when I can't take my office chair, it lifts me up about 2 inches.

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    Power Poster earthwalker's Avatar
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    Taxi drivers in Hong Kong used to sit on wooden beaded seat covers....look a bit brutal but the theory was it kept your bits massaged and the blood flowing....

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    Super Member sewbeadit's Avatar
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    I have too much natural padding to have to have more. I know they sell a purple one at some quilt shops and wonder if that is what it is for? I think the front of your chair may be a bit high also. My chair is wearing out as the air sometimes leaks out and I see myself lowering as I sew.lol
    W. Washington

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    Super Member Weezy Rider's Avatar
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    I've had that in one car and on the pillion of the bike. In both cases it was the BACK, not the seat. The back was too deep making the seat too long. Try putting a pillow/cushion behind your back. If that does fix the seat, look for a good solution for the back.

    I do have a cushion I bought at a back store in my truck. Only because the seat was worn out by a heavier person and left a good depression there. Needs to be repadded. The cushion is wedge shaped.

    I tend to sit on one foot at the computer, and simple sewing and embroidery. I can't use a chair with arms.

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