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Thread: help with slightly wavy borders

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    I'll add another viewpoint... if you don't need the extra length and width that the border provides, I would leave it off altogether. The quilt is striking, and I think it would be stunning as a borderless quilt, perhaps with a pieced binding from the various fabrics showcased it in.

    Otherwise, I agree, take them off an remeasure.

    Cheers, K

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    Super Member Justquilting's Avatar
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    You can also put the side that has more stretch on the bottom...that wy the feed dogs eases it in
    Do what you want...Love what you do!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daylesewblessed View Post
    As long as I sew with the border on top and the quilt on the underside, everything is ok.
    A really good tip, BTW I don't measure either

    I used to get a wave in my borders until I got this tip.

    Pin your border to your quilt which is on the bottom, pin every 3 - 4 inches and start to sew from the top, when you have stitched an inch or two, remover the 1st pin you come to and hold the border material and give it a very, very slight pull, stitch, continue to next pin which you remove and carry on all the way down, giving that very slight pull on your border fabric until you get to the bottom inch or so relax and finish the stitching, you will never ever get a wavy border again.

    PS I agree with the other ladies for such a pretty quilt I really would suggest you remove the border and try again, a pain I know but it will be worth it for such a pretty quilt.

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    I know it is such a pain to remove stitching, but, I agree I would remove it and redo!!!! Beautiful quilt!

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    Wavey borders


    I would take the borders off and re measure them. When putting them on do you hold it like when you are putting your binding, with a bit of tension there?

    I have just finished my first paying customer quilt and it was a baptisam of fire. All the borders were out of true, I had to square it up but I refused to take the borders off and re do them. Client just told me to quilt it the best I can.

    Spray starch has been my lifesaver with this quilt.


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    Senior Member Pat M.'s Avatar
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    Did you measure down the middle of the quilt? Then the two sides? Figure out the average size and then cut the borders to that size. Pin the border sides on, may have to scrunch or stretch a little. Sew them. Measure again for the top and bottom, do the same again, scrunch or stretch. Should have a flat quilt. Look it up on the U Tube for pictures. Also, crosswise fabric stretches a little, so if you have the material, cut on the length of the fabric. I like the colors of your quilt.

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    I'm with you. I never measure my quilts and they always seem to come out not wavy. Glad to find another renegade out there!!!

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    I guess its all up to each of us to do as we like, but in my opinon I have spent alot of time and money to do the piecing and it only takes a few minutes and steps to assure the boarders are just as nice !!!

    There are customers that bring in quilts time and time again that have done a beautiful job on the tops until you get them loaded on the machine and see how bad the boarders are. I refuse to do those customer quilts anymore and leave them for someone else or they wait to get done when I have time to restle with them on the machine because that is just you have to do !!!! You have to stand right there to do alot of manipulating, I always let the customer know and charge them more !! We are LA's not miracle workers.......

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    In defence of the long arm quilter: if you insist on not correcting the wavy borders please do not blame the long arm quilter if you have tucks and still wavy borders when it is returned to you.

    There is an old saying - an ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure. Measure thru the middle of the quilt either vertical or horizontal. cut that border fabric to that length X 2. Now divide your quilt into 4th's and the cut borders into 4th's; pin together at the pin sites. When those borders on sewn then do the same measurement to the remaining border. There should be no waves. I hope you try it - it works.

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    Unless the border is essential to the look of the quilt I seldom put a border on. I think too many quilts look like framed pictures. Most borders don't add anything to the quilt but size.
    Got fabric?

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