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Thread: To Honor my Muslim Doctor

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    To Honor my Muslim Doctor

    I would like to make a wall hanging to honor my Muslim cardiologist. I know not to put pictures on it, but I don't know if an Amish-style quilt would be appropriate. Can anybody help me with a suggestion?
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    I googled Muslim art patterns and these came up
    http://www.google.com.au/search?hl=e...w=1256&bih=851 maybe you could find a similar quilt pattern
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    Well, an Amish-style quilt would be as relevant or appropriate as giving one to your Catholic or Jewish or Sikh doctor.

    Meaning, unless they have some knowledge of the style, it will just be a pattern.

    If you're trying to make a nice quilt as a gift and that's the style you've chosen, then fine.
    If you're trying to make a religious connection, um, there isn't one.

    If you want to make a quilt that intentionally has a religious connection, you could make him the equivalent of a cross wall hanging, which would be the crescent and star symbols.

    Since he's a cardiologist, doing something with hearts would not be out of place, or in this case, kitschy.

    Or making one with the symbol for MD

    I'm in the process of making a quilt for my mother's former aide, who took loving, devoted and compassionate care of her for a couple of years, for which I will be forever grateful
    But because of her background, and I didn't want to do something in-you-face religious-wise, I decided to reference some of the famous complex Islamic tiling patterns found in her native country of Morocco.
    It's a queen-size quilt.
    Luckily, she's only 23, and like a little sister, so I have plenty of time to work this out.

    But your doctor could be Swedish for all I know so that wouldn't work. ;-)

    If he were Catholic or Baptist or Methodist, would you feel comfortable giving him a cross quilt?
    Then make one with the star and crescent

    Or go with the MD symbol.

    Or just make some nice stars in nice colors, writing on the label how grateful you are for his care.

    Personally, I think I'd go with the MD symbol.
    I don't like to get into other people's religious life, even when it's my own.
    You can really jazz it up with colors, great fabrics, quilting, etc. and not make it so clinical.
    Nice and compact at ~24" square.
    And done.
    This would be something that can easily hang in his office, and it's still very relevant and personal.
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    While a couple of those patterns would lend themselves to being quilt patterns, I would be inclined to take any FQ of a good quality geometric pattern and applique Initials onto it. (Maybe Dr M , to whatever.) Writing is a significant part of Islamic art. Some standard patterns, such as snail's trail/monkey wrench or Lone Star would work just fine, IMHO. However, unless the element of surprise is important to you, you might ask your doctor.

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    I thnk maybe something with hearts and the medical symbol. I'd stay away from personal things.

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    Whatever you make he is going to like it. I was born and raised in Bosnia, a country with Muslim majority but half of my friends were not practicing their religion. If you know that he is a practicing Muslim I would stay away from depicting animals and people, but that being said most of the quilt patterns do not depict animals or people. Go with what your heart tells you.

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    One book that has interesting geometric patterns sort of similar to the complex tile work of some Islamic art is Quilt Designs from Decorative Floor Tiles by Christine Porter. She also shows you how to draft patterns from any interesting pattern of tiling you may happen across.


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    Hmmm ... there are so many facets and differences in Islam beliefs that you might risk choosing the wrong one. Some the patterns - such as seen on the quilts of the Egyptian Tent Makers - seem innocuous enough but if you choose a design that is known to signify a specific Mosque, region, sect ... it might offend. I would certainly stay away from any of the designs that use words (and many do) - unless you had a translation and unless you knew that what it said would not offend (again ... it might be the wrong sect).

    If I were you I would choose something that is a gift from YOU, something that signifies who YOU are - but at the same time will not offend. Something that you can both embrace. Some people are actually offended when someone not of their faith attempts to depict their faith.

    The medical symbol is a good (and I think safe) choice, but you may not wish to applique. In that case ... perhaps a mariners compass or a lone star. Stars can have so many meanings to different peoples (most of them good) and different variations are usually looked upon as that - variations - with no ill consequences.
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    Look at this site I found on FlickR. It is a group of Muslim quilters sharing their work. It might lead you to a contact who could share direct info with you. What a nice idea you have! http://www.flickr.com/groups/muslimquiltersworldwide/

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    5 minute block with extra centres.
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