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Thread: How Did You Get Started?

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    Junior Member marty_mo's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
    What piqued your interest in quilting? How did you get started quilting, self taught or classes etc? How do you do things differently now than when you first started? Do you have a picture of your first quilt to share with the forum? Was it a keeper or a gift?

    My interest in quilting was piqued when I saw some pre-cut blocks that matched the color and border paper in my parents bedroom. I purchased the blocks and put the quilt together for my parents for Christmas. My mother has since adopted the quilt and claims it was her Christmas present.

    I have been sewing for years and taught myself to quilt by surfing info on the Internet and books.

    My first quilt I pieced the top and but had the quilt sandwiched and quilted by a local quilter in order to have it completed in time for Christmas. The quilt was not as large as I had hoped but I was clueless at that time about sashing, borders or squaring up a quilt. I also purchased the binding strips for the binding. The lady that quilted for me...said to Never purchase bias strips...use up those scraps to make your binding....hun...off to the Internet to look up quilt binding...lol.

    I have completed several quilt they have all been gifts, I have yet to keep a quilt for myself. I started one this fall that is the "keeper" quilt for me and DH.

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    A friend of mine wanted to take a class. I didn't want to but she begged me so I went. Long story short... I quilt and she doesn't.


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    Super Member zyxquilts's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    So. California
    I was always interested by quilts - and one time started to cut out squares to make one, but was quickly bored & lost interest in it. Then one day the Adult Ed brochure came in the mail, & there was a beginning quilt making class listed! That was, mmmm, 17 years ago maybe...& I'm still attending the same class! lol
    Once I had been in the class for several years, a new quilt guild started in my area, and the first president was a member of my class, so I had to join in that too. Still a member there too. :D
    After I started quilting too, I found out that my great-grandmother had been a quilter, and I have a picture of her on the shelf above my quilt rack. She's sitting on the couch, with a needle stuck into the arm of the couch & a quilt on her lap, taking a break. I love that picture! The first quilt I finished hangs beneath her picture. I know I've posted a picture of it here before, but I can't find it now (it was LOOOONG time ago) - if I get home before dark, maybe I'll snap a new one to add here. :D

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    Super Member sewjoyce's Avatar
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    Oct 2007
    My grandmother got me started!! She made lots of quilts and I loved each and every one!! (And she let me treadle while she sewed :roll: ).

    I've always regretted that she never got around to making a quilt for me and that I didn't "grab" one she had made after she died :cry: :cry:

    So my goal this year is to start making quilts for the grandkids....

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    Super Member butterflywing's Avatar
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    Jan 2008
    currently central new jersey
    i always sewed garments. my father had a shop near a small manufacturer of -who knows? - but he used double knits. one day my father brought home a box of leftover pieces, too small to use for child's clothing. i made my first quilt out of double-knit polyester, with an old blanket for batting, and tied with embroidery floss. the backing was an old sheet with a bad stain on one end. the good part was big enough for my son's first 'youth- size' quilt. the back wraps around to the front. he used it in his first big-boy bed i still have it. MG, is it ugly! i forgot all about it until you reminded me. selective memory, i suppose. sheesh!

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    Moderator Up North's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
    North East Lower peninsula of Michigan
    My mom has quilted for years, she ties her quilts' and I don't think I ever appreciated them a great aunt hand quilted and last year I thought I gotta try that, so my son bought me a mat and rotary cutter for christmas. I LOVE hand quilting and the way it looks I have made 5 alomst 7 quilts and Hand quilt them all, to me personally it is a goal and the only way, I love the old fashioned look and it keeps me busy. The Quilt in my Avitar is my first it is full size and the Lamone star.

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    tarib's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
    Canton, NY
    I always wanted to learn to quilt. I figured when I retired then I would have time to learn. I never really sewed before, unless you call making a shift dress in home ec in school. A friend of mine does quilting and she said why wait, so I bought a sewing machine, she helped me pick out some material and I made my first wallhanging. Well I should say I helped make my first wall hanging. But she taught me alot and I really am glad she took the time to teach me. I am still a novice, but do enjoy looking at and buying material and trying to find patterns I feel I can do. I have yet to make a bed size quilt, but that is a goal one day.

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    Senior Member
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    Jul 2008
    Arcadia, Ca.
    One day I decided I wanted to try something new. I had tried other kinds of crafts, but never stick to it. I decided to try quilting, that was about 15 years ago and I'm still loving it. I taught myself to quilt through books and the TV show Simply Quilts.


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    Power Poster sandpat's Avatar
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    Sep 2007
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    I've always loved the look and feel of quilts but I didn't sew. I always said that when I retired and had time...I would learn how to quilt. While waiting for DH to finish an appointment one day..I was browsing Wallworld..ran across the "starter quilt" package..you know..cutter, mat, and ruler. Bought a starter book some remnants and went from there. That was 2006. I watched lots of Simply Quilts and read alot of mags and internet articles and of course...scream for help on this board. I love it!

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    Senior Member
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    Aug 2008
    Northern Virginia
    I have always enjoyed looking at "real" quilts and fabric, but have never been a fan of the $39- $59 quilts sold online or in stores. The mass produced just weren't good enough for me. :lol:

    I have lost hours at quilt shows and shops. I just never could bring myself to try it, but I don't really know why. Then my mom died last spring. Long story short, she was not really the mom type and we hadn't really talked in years. It is sad, but I just always remember her as unhappy and self-absorbed and after her funeral I realized I had become a lot like her and I didn't want to be that way.

    So, I resolved to find my bliss. I tried exercising, I saw a counselor, and I went to another quilt show.

    Quilting, it seems, is my bliss, I love everything about it: the designing, the shopping (really love that part), the sewing, the assembly, the quilting, the binding, and chatting online.

    I love love love that there are no real mistakes in quilting that cannot be changed or altered to work in another way. Lately, I have found myself taking that idea and applying it in other places in my life as well.

    I find quilting to be easy and challenging at the same time.

    I have learned by taking a few classes, reading online, purchasing a few books, drilling LQS employees for information, and watching numerous quilting shows and videos.

    As I have written on this board before, I have learned so much from all of you and feel so comfortable asking questions and, when able, sharing the little bit of knowledge with you that I have gained.

    And as expensive as this hobby has turned out to be, my husband says the change in me is worth every penny and I find I am happier in general. My cats are also big fans of the quilts and the piles of fabric and batting.

    Probably way more information than you wanted, but you asked and that's my answer. Maribeth :lol:

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