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Thread: Husbands peves

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    Super Member isnthatodd's Avatar
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    Apr 2007
    Garland, TX
    Last Saturday late afternoon, we stopped at Hobby Lobby so I could get a spool of gold thread. DH saw a bolt of flowered fabric in the colors I love, pointed it out, and asked if I wanted some. I didn't really feel like shopping at the moment, but he commented about the fact that if I didn't get it then, it wouldn't be there when I came back! Then he found another bolt, also. He is wonderful about supporting my habits, and I help him with his - postcard collecting on ebay. Life is grand with someone like him. :-)

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    Nov 2006
    My hubby is super supportive. He has always pushed me to buy MORE fabric. He has shopped with me for years.... has ironed fabric.... cut it... loved it all so much that he started quilting himself last fall. So now this is "our" hobby.

    Barb C.

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    Mar 2007
    Allright! Another male heralded for hobbies unheard! I think that is so cool.would be interested to see some of his work as well. What a great way to spend creative energies together.

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    Apr 2007
    my DH is very supportive of my quilting habit.he likes to go with me and pick out my fabrics .alot of the times he does a great job of picking colors for me . he'll tell me to buy this or buy that . he'll get down and help me pin my quilts down . i just don't ever ask to help him with his wood working to many saw blades 'he's even sweet enough to find the quilt shows that we can go to together .....oh yeah years ago he even stopped asking me to iron and sew for him. i think thats pretty great

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    Nov 2006
    My husband's peeve and mine are interrelated. We have a very small alcove that holds the computer and the sewing machine with lots of windows. One chair. No more room. If I am on the computer on this forum, of course, he cannot play cards. If I am sewing, he cannot play cards. If he is playing cards, I cannot sew. I wish he would go in the other room and he wishes I would. Yikes!!

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    ButtercreamCakeArtist's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    West Virginia
    My DH is really a Dear Husband.
    Right now, my sewing stuff is all in our bedroom. :(
    We also have a baby bed in there, as well as our bed, two night stands, a chest, a dresser, a recliner, and clean laundry that needs put up.
    There is a lot in there, obviously, so it's hard to do much in. Since the baby doesn't use the changing table anymore, not since he got big enought to try to shove off the end with his feet, I use it to sew at.
    I must confess, the top drawer with the baby's socks and hats also contains some of my sewing things.
    I need to get him a dresser of his own or a sewing table of my own.
    I'm going to have a sewing room downstairs, but DH is so busy fixing this and building that, I hate to bring it up again.
    I know he is getting ready to start putting down the rest of the flooring because he just bought it all.
    Right now he is building a playhouse/swingset for the kids. It is really more like a mini manchin! I would've loved something like that when I was a kid. He would've, too.
    I guess my only complaint or peeve is that he has too many projects going at once and can't finish one bc of all the others....but that sounds too familiar for me to really complain about! LOL!
    The only other peeve I have with him is he works on and fixes up his antique 69 chevy truck while my 74 Super Beetle just sits there all sad.
    And...he knows someone everywhere we go, and we end up standing and talking to them forever...well, I go on anymore.....ah, business...that's a car salesman for you! LOL!
    I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world, though. He is great. He's a wonderful hubby and daddy. :D

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