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Thread: If you please, info. about your machine :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by hobbykat1955
    Husqvarna Viking SE combo sewing/embroidery machine
    Sensor Foot that lifts and drops automatically via foot pedal...Pages of decorative stitches including FM stitches built in...
    Can't think of one think I hate
    Open stock in 2007 4500.00 reg price was 7500...You can find them for around 2500-3000 since they don't make them anymore but do have upgraded models
    Always wait for an "Open Stock" sale before paying full price.
    Once you work on a Husqvarna I bet you don't bother with your other choices...They are the only one with the sensor foot and it's great on appliques and turning since you don't have manuelly lift a hinge inthe back of your machine...just lift your foot.

    Ditto, although I paid the $7500.00 for mine. I also have the Husqvqrna D1 that DD has claimed as hers, I love that I can control the speed that the machine will run. I like setting the control to medium speed then using the start/stop button when using the decorative stitches.

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    You didn't mention Janome. I've had several Pfaff machines but think Janome will be my next one. Just take fabric and sew on whatever you're interested in. I've always bought from a LQS which offers classes and/or help also. I think sometimes this is as important as the brand, assuming that it's a machine that you like.

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    I have a Husqvarna Viking Husqvarna Viking 1 which is also an embroidery machine and love, love, love it! It has Needle up/down, sews very straight stitches, has all kinds of fancy stitches, on board bobbin winder, and it even beeps when your bobbin is empty. It is very quiet too. I bought it on ebay for $700 and had it professionally cleaned at JoAnn's. They said it was very well taken care of. I can't think of anything I don't like about it. The Husqvarna is a workhorse just like they advertise! I don't quilt with it though because I have a longarm. But it does sew through the thickest of fabrics, leather, jeans, you name it!

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    I have an Elna 7200 Pro Quilter's Dream. I bought it in 2006 for $1399 from a dealer. At the time I bought it, I was wanting to buy a Janome mc6500 but the dealers didn't know much about and weren't very helpful. My Elna was made by Janome for Elna so it is very similar and my dealer was actually using one to make a quilt when I walked in the door.

    It has a 9" throat, knee lifter, thread cutter, needle threader, start/stop button, independent bobbin winder and hundreds of stitches including an alphabet or 2. It's much quieter than my other 2 machines.

    If I were going to buy another machine today, I would compare the 11" machines--Janome Horizon 7700 and the Elna eXcellence. If those are out of my budget--I would then look at the 9" machines--Janome mc6600, Elna 7300, Babylock Serenade or Quest Plus, and the Viking Sapphire 875/855/835. I can't tell much about the computerized Juki domestic machines but if I had a dealer nearby--I'd include Exceed HZL-F600 & 400 machines in my research.

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    I have a Pfaff 2144 with all the upgrades so it's equal to the Pfaff 2170. I love the duel feed, needle down, being able to program the presser foot to raise automatically, the tread cutter, the embroider unit...I could go on and on. I have had Pfaff for about 17 years now and won't have anything else. I have a great dealer and dealer support is a big thing with the high end machines. The dealer will help you learn to use the machine to its fullest. I have not run out of things to learn yet! I paid about $6000 for the machine and the embroidery unit. It was money well spent. I have a Pfaff 7550 and a Pfaff serger, too. All I have ever done to any my machines is regular maintainence and that is a yearly cleaning. These machines are designed to be a workhorse and they are wonderful! When I worked at the LQS, we had Husquvarna Viking machines to use there. While the Husquvarna is a good machine, I still prefer my Pfaff. You just can't beat duel feed (IDT).

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    Embroidery Machine - Janome 11000 (love it)
    The Great Work Horse - Janome 7500 (Wish it had an auto thread cutter.)
    Specifically for Quilting - Janome 1600P QC - Most recent purchase right around $1,000. Pros: Has 9" throat space. Auto thread cutter. Love the cloth guide to control seam width. Side bobbin. Note: It only does a straight stitch but I bought it for FMQ so I don't care. My 2 other machines have all the stitches I could ever want.
    Light weight Janome (12 lbs.) and a Janome Serger. I have found Janome to have the best $. Good luck in your search.

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    I have two Pfaff's- I love them. I like the walking foot (IDT) a lot. I have an older one, can't remember the model number and I think the other one that came with an embroidery unit is 7550.

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    I have a Pfaff quilt expressions 2044 and a Bernina 380. I love them both. The Pfaff is a few years old, what I love most about it are the IDT, needle up down, and some of the stitches I could just not live without at this point! It also has a low bobbin sensor, very useful! It was about $1600 going on 9 years ago. The Bernina was about $1700 about 3.5 months ago. Just got the walking foot for it and love it though I hate taking it off and on, it works beautifully! I love the way the bobbin winds, and of course it has needle up down. What I do not like about Pfaff is the service here. 6 weeks to get serviced!!! I never took any of the free classes with it because I was uncomfortable with the people in the store. They were not very friendly. Bernina on the other hand, I just can't stay away from that place! I am taking every free class they offer. Plus you get 10% off on fabric for a year! I very much love both machines and if I had it to do over, I would have to go with Bernina. Not because the machine is better but it comes with better friendlier service! I also have a Singer from the 60's. It is very basic and I barely use it. Too many nice features on the others that I can't live without these days!

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    I have a Pfaff Expression 2.0. I have had it since Christmas last year. I paid $1650. for it, but that includes tax. My older machine had been a New Home, and, even though I really liked it, I had no idea there were so many new things on a sewing machine that I would love.

    I love the needle threader, the walking foot, the see through bobbin cover, the fact that the bobbin can only fit in one way so I never get it in backwards, the wider space where I can quilt more comfortably, the instruction manual which has answered ever question I have had so far, and much more.

    I like everything about it, even the color, which matches my Mac laptop which slides under my sewing machine on a shelf when not in use.

    I really fought getting a new machine, but my husband was insistent, and I have never regretted having it.

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    Blog Entries
    Okay...you can all laugh if you want to. LOL I couldn't resist commenting on this post.

    I have a brother XL2600 we bought at Walmart back in 2006. We paid $139.00.
    I love it. Its been good to me. It doesn't have a blanket stitch and that is the only thing I do not like about it. But at the time, I had no clue what a blanket stitch was.

    But it does have a needle threader...oh my gosh....next machine I get WILL HAVE ONE of them. Plus this has a drop in bobbin I guess is what you call it.

    Shes been a good Bertha!!! And I hope that she lives to the ripe old age of 50 LOL.

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