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Thread: More on walmart and fabric

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    Moderator tlrnhi's Avatar
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    Jan 2007
    In the middle of a mess...
    People are going to shop where they can afford the merchandise and what is nearest to them.
    Some people don't have the luxury to live close to towns/cities that offer a diverse shopping area.
    Yes, it is sad that many companies that WERE using "made in America" early on in their years and are now going to the overseas markets, but that's business. Yes, it is taking jobs out of the American's hands, but when they can get the same item made for much less, then that's what they do. It's business.

    Everyone has their own opinions about what is right and what is wrong. We agree to disagree on many things in life, that's what makes us all unique. It would be an awful world if everyone agreed on the same things, did the same things and thought the same way.
    I don't think anyone is intentionally saying anything to hurt someones feelings, I think they are just saying what they believe.
    We all have our opinions. Whether others agree or disagree with us...no one can either say they are right or wrong.

    I, for one, am putting this thread to "bed".

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    Clay Springs AZ
    Walmart is only one of many super sized corporations that have bought off our politicians and are in the process of distroying our country out of greed.
    Jobs are going overseas because of greedy corps that only pay attention to the bottom line.
    One ray of hope, people in India have frequent riots over the standard of living they are forced into by the corps there. They see the profits and the fancy buildings and they dont like it.
    If you can find it, watch the video "The Corporation" It is a history.
    The Court never should have let Corporations become a person with all the rights of an individual.

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    Apr 2008
    SW AL
    I got some "joanns' fabric at Hancock's... says on the selvedge "...exclusively for Jo-Ann's...."
    so who knows...

    As far as people getting all honked off because somebody or other doesn't like Walmart - I don't get it unless they own stock in the company! :shock:
    Believe me, Wal-mart doesn't depend on whether any of us defends them or not.

    I really don't care one way or another if 'somebody' does or does not like walmart - walmart has run business after business OUT of business..

    they did away with the competition in all kinds of areas and now they are dropping some of those areas - fabric is a perfect example....
    There are no other places to shop in our county - there are two Walmarts - the closest is 15 miles from here... every time we go in there they've gotten rid of one thing or another and replaced it with even cheaper made junk and forget about a 'choice' in a lot of things...
    there are fewer and fewer brands and fewer and fewer varieties..
    They are catering to the LOWEST common denominator...
    example, we can't get French Roast coffee of ANY brand in either one of the local stores - that's a ninety mile trip.....

    Just remember, you get what you pay for - if the particular item is something that you know you aren't going to want to keep and quality doesn't really matter, then by all means get it at walmart....

    if it's something that's a MAJOR purchase like an LCD screen tv, you might want to check around - yes, Walmart is 'cheaper' but is it a wise purchase?

    If you work for walmart and want to defend them and get mad because some of us don't like their policies - be my guest....
    I shop there because I have to - they had already run everybody else out buy the time we moved to the area....

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    Dec 2007
    I was not mad at anyone. I was just making my rant like everyone else. I just think peoples mind are poisoned by the media on certain issues. Every major purchase I have made has been at walmart and it all holds up just as well as everyone elses. I think that is just luck of the draw there. I have a big tv that was bought there that has outlasted everyone elses, I even passed it down to my stepdad.
    It wasn't walmart that is putting out the small town businesses it was the people who chose walmart over the small shops. And that is not the peoples fault it is the fact of life of trying to stretch your dollar. Trust me the prices at walmart aren't staying the same either with the economy. I hear the complaints every day over the prices we can't control. But more and more people are shopping walmart because with prices they are the lesser of the two evils.
    Don't want anyone to think I was mad it just seems like every week there is another gripe about walmart. I am sure they arent' the only thing that gripes the world. I just work 8 or 9 hours a day and come here to get free from the complaints from customers and enjoy myself but then feel compelled to defend what gives me my paycheck. Every one has their opinions and that is fine but sometimes it is better to keep them to ourselves just to make the environment more enjoyable.
    Maybe if one of wins the lottery we can open a fabric shop in all over hometowns and wouldn't have to worry about the competition because walmart doesn't handle fabric.....maybe we could become big like them....lol

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    For a great quilt with floral fabrics, check out Fons & Porters "Garden Window". I made one for our bedroom and love it. It was featured in their July/August 2006 magazine. I am on the road for the summer in our RV, but when I get home I will post a picture.

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    Verona , Virginia
    Hi Ruth , Right now I am not a big fan of Walmart . Not only doing away with fabric and crafts dept . Their pharmacy leaves a lot to be desired , too . That $4.00 prescription deal ! That list is always changing ! I had 2 prescriptions there and went for a refill , woman said that'll be 16.00. I told her it was supposed to be 4.00 . We just changed the list , yours is no longer on the $4 list .

    Went to another Walmart that still sells fabric . You won't believe what happened ! They had a very cute looney tunes pillow panels . Was supposed to be 4 in the set . You know these have marks down the side where to be cut . Well the woman started to it in half , I said there are 4 to a set . Manager came and grabbed the end of the bolt and said just as smart Ma'am it's a pillow panel , not sold by the yard . Walked off . The other woman said corporate told them to cut them in half ! :oops: :oops: I didn't buy it ! Annie

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    Sally, I LOVE your Hawaiian fabric!

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