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Thread: My beef w/ JoAnns...

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    Hey Terri, I just had to tell you, this morning I read this thread to JB while we were having our morning coffee. He did the uh huh..oook...shrank that much dang..stuff. He was actually upset that quiltwoman was ripped off on the quality of this black fabric. Then we came to the post about your coupon, I thought the man was gonna fall off the couch!! LOL He seems to find great humor in the fact that you got an expired coupon! Men...whatchya gonna do with em. LOL

    quiltwoman, I sure hope you do get a refund, or exchange at least. I really think manufacturers should be made to list issues with their fabrics, like shrinks when ironed!! How frustrating for you! When you go to make your return, you may want to let the ladies at JoAnn's know that you have a couple of thousand fellow quilter's following this issue :twisted: .

    Loretta, nothing worse than mismatched black. Amazing how its sooo noticable too, isn't it?

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    my beef with most fabric stores is how they cut fabric. When I worked at the fabric counter at a local store I would measure how much they wanted and then give them an extra inch or two, depending how crooked the previous cut was. They bough 1 yard, they deserve to get a full yard.

    But Joann's and other don't seem to believe this. I know sometimes it isn't their fault because of the way the fabric is rolled onto the bolt but I just bought a yard of fabric and by the time I was done straightening the edges I was down to 3/4 of a yard. I was so mad!

    Then one time I was at the counter waiting to get some fabric cut and they were training a new employee. I don't think they saw me because the lady was like "never go over what they ask. It is better to short the customer a little then to give them extra. Do you realize how much money we lose when you give extra fabric away.... even if it is an inch!" I know not all stores train their employees that way but geesh!

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    Men, what can ya do with em, right? lol

    One reason why I don't use black, plus, I really haven't been able to find any.

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    The major fabric stores absolutely train there employees to not go even a fraction of an inch more! The only shops that don't do this are the quilt shops. I rarely shop at JoAnn's anymore because of their policies, rude staff, and very poor fabric quality! The extra cost at the quilt shops is more than made up for in the quality of the fabric, the vibrance of the dyes, and colorfastness. The only quilt I would make from JoAnn's fabric would be one that I'd use for a picnic and even then I'd think more than twice about it.

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    Ladies, I'm so sorry you are having problems with Joanne's. We don't have 1 anywhere near me and I haven't ordered on line from them..Sounding like I probably haven't missed anything. If they don't make good on the coupon and fabric refund/or whatever for you time & trouble, let them know you will be letting EVERYONE know about it.

    I had a dry cleaner ruin a brand new suit of mine once and they were thinking they could just get away with an "oh, we are so sorry". I told them it was ok, I worked for a printing company and I would just have some flyers printed up describing what had happened and distribute them to EVERY house within a 3 mile radius. Magically...I got fully reimbursed for my suit :roll: Funny how that works.

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