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Thread: New Iron

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    Super Member ube quilting's Avatar
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    Ha-ha. Rowentas don't go to heaven.

    I just bought a Reliable Velocity after my third rowenta caught fire. (it is bright orange) It has a disable mode so you can leave the iron on or use the auto off. I love it. It really does not leak and has great steam that you can turn on and off as you use the iron.

    I got it through All Brands. This machine is usually about $100.00 but I got it for $60.00 cause it is a returned piece and the box was open. It was a chance but a good one so far. I love it.

    to use the disable mode you hold the steam button in for eight seconds and the lights blink to let you know. It does have to be reset after it has been unpluged but that is a little thing to do. Having steady heat is important to quilters.

    hope this helps a little.

    EDIT: Newer rowentas have auto off
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    Senior Member bigredharley's Avatar
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    Jan 2013
    My old trusty Rowenta stopped getting hot enough, so I read on the boards how good the shark iron was....its been relegated to laundry room, I hated it for quilting. Bought a cheapie no-shut-off at Wally World, hated that too, although it's light enough I'll take it on my retreat. Went to Costco and got myself a brandy-new Rowenta and am a happy girl again. It does have auto-shutoff, but I'll deal with that.

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    Senior Member JENNR8R's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
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    I bought a Euro at a quilt show and love it. The show price was quite a bit less than the online price. It never shuts off and lays flat on a teflon pad. This eliminates the added wrist action that is necessary to bring an upright iron horizontal. That saves on carpel tunnel pain in a big way.

    The demo at the show was quite impressive. This is what they advertise:

    "It has one tempurature that works perfectly on any fabric, from denim to lace and even silk. It will never burn, scorch, leave a shine or crush any fabric ever" http://www.eurosteam.us/

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    Nov 2009
    Try Amazon...they have a plethora of different irons. I bought a little travel iron and I love it for quilting, no auto shut-off and steams fine.

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    May 2012
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    I thought my Sunbeam Iron wasn't getting hot enough several years ago, so I bought a Black and Decker. It's still in the box unopened; I'm still using the Sunbeam. It "hasn't scorched yet", but it does the trick. It has a very long auto shut-off when standing on end (I think it is 14 minutes), but only about two minutes if the iron is flat. That means I have to tip the iron up a little every once in a while while I'm doing a lot of flat pressing. But there is a light on the handle that blinks when the heat goes off, so I know when to flip it.

    I don't remember where I bought it, but it may have been at a rummage sale. It has a 12 foot cord and see through water tank. Since I only use distilled water in it, it has given me no trouble in the last 10 years or more. I have directions on how to clean the water tank, but I've done that about twice since I've had it.

    Expensive is not always better. Right now, I'm looking for one of those smaller travel irons to take to classes.
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    My Hamilton Beach Smart Lift iron is a great iron for quilters. It props itself up off the board with two arms and it has the choice of using the auto shut off or just staying on. It gets really hot and can make a lot of steam if desired. Bought it on Amazon a year or so ago and it was not expensive. Sorry, can't remember the wattage.
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    Aug 2011
    After the second Rowenta in three years died a horrible death (thank heavens it didn't set afire doing so!) I purchased a Reliable (blue and white one). This was more than two years ago. I am totally pleased with the Reliable iron - with absolutely everything about it - including the ability to disable the "Auto Off" feature! I would certainly choose it again.

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    Oct 2011
    Madison, Ohio
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    I buy an inexpensive "Rival" brand at WalMart. About 5 or 6 dollars. No auto shutoff, great steam when you want steam. I leave mine plugged in all day when I'm working on quilts. It lasts about a year before it dies then I just go and buy a new one. It is light weight and I love it. I should probably buy a half dozen or so in case they quit making them!!

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    Someone asked if a steamer could be used for quilting. I have a steamer but You can't press seams with it. It takes wrinkles out beautifully but you need to press the seams to se t them.

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    Northern, Utah
    I have a couple of steam irons without shut off, but the one I like best and use the most is a GE dry iron, it gets hotter faster and so far has lasted about 30 years.

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