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Thread: Overwhelmed with it all

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    One of the things that helped me was to put UFO's, kits, uncut projects together in tubs which I labeled numerically (1. 2. 3, etc.) wrote down what was in each one and typed out on a master list of each tubs contents and where I stored the tub if not in my sewing room. Then when I want to work on a project I can find it quickly without wasting the time to go through all of them. When I finish that project I mark it off the list. Seeing all those crossed of projects makes me feel good. If I need a gift for someone I read my master list to find something to make before going to the store to buy something I may already have that would work. I used to keep my fat quarters on shelves that I had to keep moving around to find a color I wanted. After a car accident and hurting my ribs it was painful to keep moving those stacks. Now they are in drawers standing up in one level, sorted by color, two to three colors to a drawer. I can open the drawer, find a color I want quickly and easily. I don NOT allow myself to buy anymore FQ's unless there is room in the drawer for that color. I also have a drawer system for scraps by color. When I need a small amout of fabric for a BOM I go to the scraps first, then FQ's. Yardage is stored on shelves standing up like books; easy to see, easy to get to.
    I did all this in half hour increments starting in one section of the room at a time. I started by the door and worked to the right.
    Good luck. It is easier to feel like working when the space isn't overwhelming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Missi View Post
    Can anyone relate?

    I had quilt retreat this weekend and had a great time. It was the first time I have touched my machine in months. I got home tonight and told myself I would put my stuff away not just throw it in the quilting room. This got me to picking some stuff up and putting other stuff away. My stash is overflowing its shelves, unmade kits are stacked all over the place in bags and plastic containers. There isn't any more room on the shelves for containers, the magazine holders are full, the scrap bin won't close.

    I don't know where to begin. I've taken a new job and find myself exhausted when I get home and can't find the energy to turn on the machine let alone find what I need in the quilt room. Does anyone have advice?
    Let yourself off the hook! There's no law that says your space has to be clean. It doesn't HAVE to be organized. You don't HAVE to sew a stitch. Breathe!

    I'm in a horrible place with work right now and I have no energy and no time for anything, it seems. So of course I've started a new project, which is ridiculous...BUT, it's one that I can do little bits at a time, some in and some out of the sewing room. I can take bits to work to entice me away from my desk at lunch. The process is very grounding for me. However, on days when I just can't do it, I DON'T -- and I don't feel one bit bad about it.

    I guess what I mean is if it feels good, do it. If not, so what? Your projects are patient. They can party in the closet while you rest up.

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    I recently went through the same thing. I really want to go on a quilting retreat, but I haven't search one out yet. My mother in law started topping late last year and I have quilted three for her so far. I gave her lots of my stash and I gave the rest to a 14 year old that has taken a liking to sewing anything she can get her hands on. So now I am left with enough fabric to make 8 tops and I love it. Having a stash may sound great, but I found it overwhelming. So if I had not touch that fabric in two years or there was nothing planned for it, I gave it to one of the two mentioned above. My 8 projects fit into my 30 gallon rubber maid tub and all I have to buy is backing and batting when I get to quilting these tops. My plan is to sew and quilt them this year and quilt four tops I have left to quilt from last year. Sounds a little organized, but I go through stages of sewing nothing but tops and then I go through stages of doing nothing but quilting. I also have three little quilts that need binding. My goal is to stay focused enough to put together an Affair of the heart quilt or get busy on my dear jane, but I like the tops that I can cut and piece together within a few weeks.

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    If you are so exhausted, you might need to put quilting time on a back burner right now. At least on the days you work a job outside the home. Otherwise why don't you work on it for a set amount of time every day, say 15 minutes. You would be surprised how much improvement you can make on cleaning up your sewing room in just one week working at it 15 minutes a day. Good luck, and remember our jobs and families come first. Hugs!


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    When I get to a point where I'm overwhelmed with the mess of it all I stop working on projects and concentrate on cleaning it up. I don't do it all at once mind you!! I do the 15 to 20 minutes at a time and in a week or two it's all organized and clean and I can find things again. When you do one project after another without much cleaning between it can really get to be a huge wreck. Most of the time I don't mind the clutter and stacks of stuff but every so often I hit a point where it's just really a huge mess and has to be cleaned.

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    My sewing room was a disaster a few weeks ago and now it's organized. I started in one corner. And I worked my way around slowly, but then the bug hit and I went into my closet and emptied it and took some of my huge rubbermaid tubs and stuck them in there and totally rearranged my room. Getting my closet free of stuff gave me so much more room in my sewing room, so I was able to buy more containers to hold my kits that I made. But I have to say I have my ironing board full of fabric again. I just need to go put it all away. I can't go backwards. No!
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