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Thread: poverty induced guilt.

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    i haven't seen the book in question so i don't know whether or not you'd be copying something unique and original by using the author's design idea(s) from memory. if that would be the case, then your guilt is appropriate and i highly recommend you listen to it.

    being unable or unwilling to pay for something we are not entitled to have for free does not justify taking it.

    guilt is our brain's way of warning us that we are considering or have done something outside our ethical boundaries.

    listen to your own heart and conscience. that's what you'll have to live with. why risk investing money and effort in something you won't be able to fully enjoy?
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    Oh my goodness, do not feel guilty one little bit! I've looked through quilt books and have seen quilts that I like and used their ideas and made my own quilt and didn't buy the book because I only liked one quilt. I only buy books if I want to make quite a few of the quilts. If you can figure out how to make the quilt by just looking at the pictures, what is wrong with that? You said there was no pattern, so why would you buy the book in the first place?

    I am Catholic and have Catholic guilt up the ying yang all the time, but I don't get it by looking at a pattern and figuring out how to make it on my own.

    Especially when you are in University, how can you afford to buy more books? You aren't cheating. You didn't take a copy of the directions. You just looked at the pictures and figured how to make it. So, please, if you have to feel guilty about something, make it something worthy of feeling guilty about. So many people just look at quilts and figure out how to make the pattern. You are doing the same thing.
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    You can buy single patterns at several websites. I buy them at Craftsy sometimes for $2.90 for the very same reason.
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    Super Member ghostrider's Avatar
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    I stand with Patrice on this issue, the OP is clearly uncomfortable with what she is planning to do...a very good sign that she shouldn't. As the person who recommended Cherri House's book, City Quilts, in her quest for a pattern for her brother, I am disappointed and now wish I had not helped her find it.
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    I think you are being too harsh on the original poster. While I don't see her being a student on a fixed income as being relevant in any way, I think her ability to see a pattern and make it on her own is not wrong. Cherri House's book is all about how she finds the inspiration for her modern quilts -- do you honestly think she'd be offended that someone was inspired by one of hers? One of her "patterns" is a two-inch postage stamp quilt -- do you think she invented that or holds all the rights to it?

    I have the book, I've never used it, and I'd be happy to lend it to the OP if it assauges her guilt.
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    Senior Member raynhamquilter's Avatar
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    I just goggled this title at my local library. It has 3 copies. If I borrow one and see something I like, are you saying I can't make it without Buying a copy for my own?
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    I forgot about the library. We have several large one close by which I haven't visited for years. when I take a break from quilting, I', going to check them out. Excellent idea.
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    Senior Member stillclock's Avatar
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    thanks for your thoughts. i feel a lot better today about all of this.

    i am sorry ghostrider that you wish you had not suggested this path to me. given the number of images and related search hits i have had for these quilts in particular based on my search parameters, i would have discovered this wonderful author and teacher that very evening. and in talking to the owner of the little funky quilt shop here in town i feel much better about my level of support for her business. since i found her i have bought some fabric, a number of notions and even the ribbon for my daughter's hallowe'en costume from her. the chances are very good that the bulk of the fabric for my brother's quilt will come from her shop. while fabric.com looks cheaper, between shipping, duty and taxes it isn't. shopping locally saves me the worry of colour matching issues and tactile matches.

    i am an avid supporter of local shopping and i understand the value of creative work. i also understand that i live in an economic system driven by guilt, fear and scarcity. there's nothing wrong with not having or making do with what you do have. had i not gone to the quilt shop to see (and with the expressed intention of buying!) the book, i could easily have borrowed it from the library.

    not making this quilt because i didn't buy the book doesn't make an iota of sense. not one. acknowledging that these monetarily lean years have afforded a tremendous amount of time to watch my girl grow and to be there for her, to learn to quilt ever more challenging quilts and have the time, energy and modest means to practice this art. i possess the good sense to know that sending a photo to cherri house, sharing her work in a few forums, giving her due credit and making something to be proud of means giving more back to her than the small royalties of the sale of one book.

    cherri house's bio is on her website. something tells me she would understand intimately where i'm calling from.

    thanks again for all your help and good thoughts. and my sincere apologies to you ghostrider for the negative experience or affect sharing your ideas seems to have caused.

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    You sound like me - I can feel guilty about anything. And since you more than likely made some change to yours it really is no big deal. And like the others said you can get the same information from the library. I have bought numerous books and magazines and not made an item. But I have looked at other quilts on-line and at a store, said, "I can do that!" and gone home wrote a few notes down and made the quilt, using my fabric and any unique twist that may come to mind. I don't feel guilty about it. It's all part of the process. Quilters share ideas. I buy patterns I like and may make changes along the way. If the quilt police arrive at my door, I will let you know.

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    Super Member hikingquilter's Avatar
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    I very seldom buy a pattern or book. Mostly I look around and think "I can do that, but I would do it in different colors or different fabrics or lay out or make the squares a different size, or I would add such-n-such etc." I think all books and patterns are meant to be INSPERATION. Quilting is all about exercising your creativity and having fun. On the other hand if you use a pattern AND the EXACT same fabrics and thread and quilting design as the author's, then you are copying. Relax and happy quilting!

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