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Thread: Tieing Off Back Threads

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    Tieing Off Back Threads

    Hi: I'm a new quilter and don't have the foggiest idea how to tie off the many threads on the back of my quilt as I quilt it. I have many starts and stops, so there are many threads to deal with. Thanks.

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    I don't tie mine off. I just do a few very small stitches at beginning and end. I bring the bobbin thread up and go from there.
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    When I start my quilting, I bring the bobbin thread up. When I finish a line of quilting, I leave about 3 inches of tail. Then I just use a needle and pull the threads thru the middle of the quilt.
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    If you machine doesn't automatically tie off and cut you can either stop the movement (like with a featherweight) and stitch in place and cut all the extra strings later, or you can back stitch a couple of stitches and forward to the end of that stitch line and stop and cut later by going over the entire quilt back.

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    there are so many thoughts about securing the threads. Since you have the threads hanging loose now and can't go back to stitch in place or whatever system is suggested - you should pull the back threads to the front or front to back, tie a knot and use a needle to thread them and pull them into the sandwich of your quilt. This is the long time way, but at least they are secure.
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    ​Are you hand or machine quilting? In hand quilting you can do a quilter's knot and pop it into the sandwich when starting or ending a line of quilting. In machine quilting, I tie my thread end together and use a easy thread needle to bury them in the sandwich.

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    Tartan: that's what I do too. I make a game out of it, especially if I'm doing straight line quilting. I do a couple of rows, then do the tying off of the rows that I've done. I stand up while I do it so it keeps me from sitting in the same position all the time.

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    I used to just trim (oops) but now I bring my bobbin thread up before I quilt and take about 8 very small stiches before increasing the stitch size. I do the same a the end of a row or when I need to "break thread". I just heard that term for the first time and I think it's so cute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by auntpiggylpn View Post
    When I start my quilting, I bring the bobbin thread up. When I finish a line of quilting, I leave about 3 inches of tail. Then I just use a needle and pull the threads thru the middle of the quilt.
    That's what I do also. I use a cheater needle (those needles with an opening in the top that you push the thread through instead of threading). I do hand knot the threads before pulling them into the batting.

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    the threads should be on the top- both the top & bobbin thread- bring the bobbin thread to the top before starting to stitch (needle down- holding top thread- needle up---brings bobbin thread up- hold both threads and take a few stitches- you can either make a few tiny (in place) stitches *locking stitch* then clip the threads at the quilt surface- or you can tie the two threads together- thread onto a needle and then push the needle into the quilt sandwich- weaving it into the batting a little ways- popping the knot into the batting- bring the needle back out & clip at the surface.
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