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Thread: What is Bottom Line thread for and what is it made from? Do you like it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by snipforfun View Post
    Bottom Line can be sensitive to ironing and therefore could melt. Not recommended for piecing per Superiors website
    Strange, since they recommend it for applique.

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    I wouldn't use it anywhere where an iron would come in contact for good pressing. The poly will melt with a cotton setting iron. I plan on using it for my metallics and fussy threads for embellishment purposes. Not for piecing or quilting.

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    I use Bottom Line thread in my bobbins when I do machine embroidery. You can get a lot of it on a bobbin, so it saves a lot of bobbin changes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snipforfun View Post
    Bottom Line can be sensitive to ironing and therefore could melt. Not recommended for piecing per Superiors website
    ??? Can you please point out where you found this information on their website?
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    I got the Thread Therapy DVD from Superior recently, and Dr. Bob does give that ironing caution about Bottom Line on the DVD. Incidentally, this DVD is free from the website, just pay about $4 for shipping, until December 11th. It's really worth it; lots of good information in it. Here is a link to the special offer:

    However, I think the best thing to do is to actually test with your iron to see for yourself if it melts or not. I bought a spool of Threadart 60wt polyester bobbin thread from Amazon just because it was really inexpensive and I was curious about it. I sewed some test seams and then held my Rowenta iron on the thread for more than 10 seconds, on its hottest setting, and there was absolutely no melting or other damage to the thread. I ***love*** this thread for piecing! Not only does the bobbin hold a lot more, so I run out of thread much less frequently, but it's easier for me to get accurate seams because it takes up so little space in the turn-of-the-cloth. Plus it's not linty, so I don't need to clean my machine as often! Here's a link to the spool on Amazon:

    I recently tried Connecting Threads 70wt poly thread in my midarm, because I really like the quilting thread to not show a lot, but it broke a few times. So now I've ordered a spool of Bottom Line. I'm hoping that being just a little stronger, it will work well in my midarm. I found that the least expensive place to order Bottom Line and King Tut is from this website:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scissor Queen View Post
    Bottom line is intended for embroidery. When you're doing machine embroidery and have a thread dense design you don't want the thread so thick on the back side.

    I personally don't see much point to using it to piece with. Sure it's finer and you get more on a bobbin but at the same time you've got two different threads in your seam and one may cut the other over time.
    I use Bottom Line in the bobbin AND in the top when I'm piecing. It cuts down on the bulk in the seam. I've also used it in the longarm (top and bottom) when I want to do a lot of backtracking, or don't want the thread to show much.

    I realize that Superior recommends their (more expensive) 50 weight cotton thread for piecing, but I have never had any problem with the thread melting, and I do use a hot iron.

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    I took a FMQ class on Craftsy and she uses Bottom Line for all of her stitch in the ditch.

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    Bottom Line is all I ever use in both top and bobbin for FMQ on my Janome. I took a class from an instructor who uses only
    Bottom Line top & bottom for FMQ . She does absolutely georgous quilting! Another great thing about Bottom Line is that whatever color you use it seams to sink into the fabric. I love, love, love it!
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    Another place to buy both So Fine and Bottom Line, as well as many other threads, is www.sewthankful.com. They are great to deal with and have frequent specials.

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    I use it for piecing, applique, bindings and in my HandiQuilter bobbins. Love it.

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