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Thread: When You Name Your Quilts...

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    When You Name Your Quilts...

    I know that we sometimes go with something that eludes to the pattern. I once named a Log Cabin “Lincoln’s Legacy”, and recently made a quilt using all batiks and gave it the name “Tropical Nights”. But there are other times I’ve used the recipient’s name in there as well.

    What is it that leads you to certain titles? The fabric line? The colors you used?
    Have you ever gone way out in left field with a name? What is the wildest name you’ve ever given to one of your creations?
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    The only time I name a quilt is for a contest/show. The rest of the time it is blue 9 Patch or green Bear Paw etc.

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    I give them all sorts of weird names. Most of them are pretty dull, come to think of it.

    A purple & turquoise bargello ended up named "Turple and Purpquoise", just because that's how my mumbly mouth kept saying those words.
    The quilt I was making for my husband as a gift ended up with the name "", because I keep a list of quilts-in-progress and I didn't want him to see his name on the list.
    A black, white & red D9P quilt ended up named "D9P150" - the "150" because my husband has synesthesia (he strongly associates colors with numbers) and this was a quilt he picked the colors for. 1 is black, 5 is red, zero is white.
    A quilt with 72 kitty-cat blocks got named...."72 Kitties" (told you, dull!)

    Most of them don't really get names, they're just listed in my journal as "rag quilt 1" or "crazy quilt 3". Super dull.

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    I don't name my quilts. Just seems like I should talk to them and treat them like family then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tartan View Post
    The only time I name a quilt is for a contest/show. The rest of the time it is blue 9 Patch or green Bear Paw etc.
    Whew! I was wondering if I was the only one who didn't give my quilts names.
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    I don't name mine either. Just refer to them as the pattern or patch name and/or the predominant color. Don't name my sewing machines either.
    "I do not understand how anyone can live without one small place of enchantment to turn to."
    Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

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    I don't name my quilts, just call them by color and pattern name, unless it is one of my own designs.

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    I do think of my quilts as family when I make them, then, when they're done.....bye bye!

    If I use a particular pattern or kit, I use that name on the label. Otherwise I say something boring like "Blue Sampler" or "Quilt for R" (that one was for a little boy named Roan and I didn't know how to spell his name at the time. In fact I didn't know him personally.)

    I guess the oddest name was "Don't Drink the Koolaid" which was a very purple/lime green creation. All I could think of while working on it was "I sure could go for some grape koolaid"!


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    My names come from the pattern I'm using and then usually something about the process. Recent ones were a road to bali pattern I now call sunset strip same blocks turned made in yellows reds oranges, Then another one i made using the same block I made in blues but made so many errors and redesined it so many times its now called boulevard of broken dreams.
    It's never too late to have a happy childhood

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    I have named every quilt I have made, for the very fact that I spend so much time working on them that they are like family LOL. Some are plain names, some are out there lol, my latest is called Sugar coated honey oats LOL
    If you ever see a quilt without any flaws, rest assured that I did not make it ! http://slightlyoffquilter.com

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