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Thread: March Secret Pal Swap Closes 4pm Feb 28th

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    Senior Member Quercus Rubra's Avatar
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    Sep 2012
    Wait... who says you can only have so many seam rippers? LOL ... Yeah Right? Not me!! I perfer the ones with the longer handle and I tend to ripper a LOT, break the "ripper" part, lose them..... seam rippers are always welcomed in this house. I have three separate areas that I sew at, so my one remaining ripper gets to travel to the front room where I have my oval floor hoop, then to the diningroom where my sewing machine is and then at last to the loveseat in the living room where I do my handwork. That doesn't mean it's there... it can also go in my machine tote for group or in my baggie project for when I'm in the vehicle. So I would soooo wouldn't mind having a dozen or more of these buggers.... as I think the cats have been tossing them under all the heavy furniture too. LOL. Then if you send chocolates, any scraps, or fabrics that no longer appeals to ya with a few spools of thread, fuzzy socks and anything you don't want.... I'm pretty much the easiest person to "buy" for. Oh so sad but true.

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    Currently working on a "Flat Curtis" Quilt with boy child .

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    Dec 2011
    Panama City, Florida
    You can never have too many seam rippers. I should walk around with one on a chain around my neck. No matter where I need one it's alway in another room. I have found mine in the bedroom and the bathroom. I have a bunch but I carry them around the house and put them down, found two in the bathroom. Don't ask!

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    Super Member Quilty-Louise's Avatar
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    How I "shop" for my SP's

    PLEASE nobody get upset, angry or anything, I just want to
    share what I do soon as I get my new SP name each month.

    I totally understand that not everyone is able to do it like I do
    because they may not be as computer savvy as the next person
    and so. But I just wanted to share with you my "monthly" routine.

    Once I get the PM from Lori that has my SP name I copy and paste
    ALL of their info in a word document. Then the fun begins for me. I
    work intensively for a day or two on the "formatting" and for me this
    is has helped me way more than anything else I have tried.

    I am using the form that I sent to Lori this month as an example.
    Notice that I did NOT leave personal information

    Only thing different with this "example" and what I ACTUALLY do
    is I use HIGHLITE bright colors on my form. I use a bright green
    for anything that I want to LOOK for in the store or in my own
    "shopping" trove of goodies I have on hand.
    If it is something I need to make sure I DON'T send or look for I use
    a bright pink.

    Sometimes if I just use highlight markers to do the "marking" with.

    Screen Name: Quilty-Louise
    Real Name: ***************
    Address: ***************
    City, State, Zip: ***************

    Favorite Colors: Yellow & purple
    Favorite Candy: good n plenty (pink & white candy coated licorice) any chocolate EXCEPT white.
    But I am NOT supposed to have as I am diabetic.
    Your favorite notion/fabric line, etc: homemade pincushions, laurel burch fabrics
    and fairy f
    rost by Michael Miller.
    Your least favorite color(s): brown and olive/drab green
    Least favorite candy: white chocolate (but not supposed to have candy)
    Least favorite notion/fabric line
    Brand of sewing machine: 2 Brother combo sewing/embroidery machine.
    Do you have an embroidery machine: YES Innov-is 1000 & Innov-Is 1500D
    Is there anything you like to collect? coffee mugs from the U.S. and around the world. It is my way to travel. Mugs still looking to get for my colloection: Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho,Indiana, New Hampshire, & Oklahoma.
    Besides quilting, what do you like to do? Machine embroidery, listen to audiobooks, play with fabric, and watch tv.
    Do you have Allergies (smoke, cats, dogs etc): minor seasonal
    Do you smoke? NO
    Do you have cats, dogs etc) YES 4 cats
    Do you hand embroidery? NO
    The ONE thing I want the most is: hot fix crystals! any size, color or style. and any shape/size yo-yo makers.
    What holidays do you celebrate?: all for the most part.
    Anything you would NOT like to receive: scraps, and brown & olive drab green fabric.
    How long have you been sewing/quilting? sewing for 21 years, and quilting since Oct 2006.
    What are you currently working on:adding hot fix crystals to lace to practice.
    Do you have a digital camera to post pictures on the thread? yes!!
    What types of books do you like to read? I dont "read" books I listen to them. Mysteries, romantic mystery.
    Would you like to receive gently used items such as templates, patterns or appliqué books etc? yes
    Do you have a pet? What kind? yes 4 cats
    The fabric color I am looking for is orange
    What is your favorite beverage?Additional info (the more info you provide, the better): k-cup coffees ANY kind, celestial seasonings or bigalow teas orange & spice type flavors


    After I do this I print out 4 copies. 1 for my sewing room on a clipboard,
    1 for my fabric room on a clipboard (hanging on the wall), 1 with my wallet,
    and the final copy as backup in my purse. As I go shopping I pull out the list
    and read over it. I keep the list in my hand and if I find something on the list
    and I decide to get it (because I feel it is right) than I check mark the item.

    By doing this I HOPE it has helped me to send things to my partners that
    they either wanted, could use, or would like. I stick to the $10 limit when
    I go to the store, but I send way more because I pull stuff from my stash
    of "goodies.

    If I DO send something to you that you don't like I will not be upset if you
    pass it on to someone else.

    But I DO try to keep my partner's LIKES at the top of my mind when shopping
    for them.

    Just thought I would share my crazy way of "setting" up for my SP swap.

    Have a good evening y'all.
    Louise - Ya-ya to Zachary April 13 2015. I collect mugs from the U.S. and around the world. Also collect handmade pincushions, sewing/quilting themed fabrics, and fabric in general.

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    Super Member sewdamncute's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Temporarily living in CT...missing AZ!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knitette View Post

    All joking aside, we actually had a mannequin stand for a local council election last year! She was named 'Helena Torry', Torry being the name of the ward she was standing for... It raised a bit of a stooshie with some of the other parties and the woman who entered her was prosecuted, but luckily got off with it. I'll see if I can find a photo.

    Who knows - Miss Liver Rock could be in line for great things!
    Stooshie???? I have got to go to Scotland!!!!!!
    Blessed Be

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    Super Member sewdamncute's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Temporarily living in CT...missing AZ!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krystyna View Post
    Tart her up??? I'm using her to sell mantillas and aprons!!! Plus after we were having fun with her, the eyelashes on one eye are coming loose.
    Here she is un-Swedish .. but, how about Inga?

    Attachment 398349
    Attachment 398350
    Attachment 398351
    Ohhhh, so not the french maid type apron then???
    Blessed Be

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    Super Member mscupid804's Avatar
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    Jul 2011
    Louise, I do very similar to what you do, but I ALWAYS get the person the 1 item they want the most, hence it's "the THING I WANT THE MOST." Then I go from there.
    "I collect wind chimes."

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    Senior Member
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    Sep 2012
    Springfield, TN
    I think I need to reexamine my relationship with the seam ripper! You girls have given me reason to have more than one. Well, I confess, I do have a travel one, one that stays next to the sewing machine, and one in my bag that stays next to my rocking chair It is my least favorite notion and I did put that on my form. Don't get me wrong, it is a useful and needed tool. Its just something that I personally would not like to see in my package, lol.

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    Senior Member LoupEsprit's Avatar
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    Nov 2012
    Litchfield Park, AZ
    Um... what is a stiletto? (other than a shoe-LOL!)
    Happiness is a new quilt and an old dog.

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    Senior Member catjo's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
    Lafayette, Indiana
    Sent my pm, count me in.
    Happy Quilting!

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    Senior Member lovngrandma's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    kansas USA
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    ok ladies my sp gift went out 2 days ago but i could not post as we had no electricity, yes the 2 blizzards blew in Kansas and took a package to special someone, who in some way fashion, are address somewhere a bug is around, and told me hey watch your mail cause a box is headed your way just special for you,
    SPREAD THE LOVE-- hug a child, share a smile, be kind, and let a loved one , and an animal know that you care,,,, it costs nothing but a minute of a day, so do not delay.

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