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Thread: How Do You Store Your Fabric?

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    Super Member quiltjoey's Avatar
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    Sep 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by DeeBooper
    these are pictures of some of our stash(mom's and mine-That's her in the pic)...we wrapped our fabric around poster boards from the dollar store. Made about 3 large and 2 small boards from one piece. The fat quarters are in a cd case we bought.
    I love the way you have everything folded and neatly organized. What size did you cut your boards for the fabrics? Thanks

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    Super Member Quiltgranny's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
    I too, am interested in the dimensions you cut your poster board to for the two sizes. Is it poster board or foam core board you used? Looks too thick to be poster board. Maybe my eyes deceive me. Is this board acid free? What size do you get per board and how much does each board cost?

    Thanks so very much. :thumbup: Love how organized your fabric stash is. :D

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    Mar 2011
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    Since I am moving ALL my fabric into the spare bedroom (now that youngest daughter left for college June 1st). I have been refolding my fabric to make storing it much easier and nicer looking. I put my fabric in 58qt (23"x17"x13") plastic bins. My current project is sorting by main color (example: multi color print on black background goes in the bin with black fabric etc.)

    Once I have all the fabric sorted, refolded and moved into the spare room than I can work on organizing the dining room which is where all my sewing & serger machines are set up.
    I will post pictures when I am done.

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    Sep 2011
    Hi Robin.....Ive been sewing now for a 100 years lol ok maybe 25......and I never had a sewing room...but now I do I took over my daughters room when she moved out....and when I had to figure out what to do with my fabric I was just at a stand still because I had fabric that was in different sizes,colors etc......and I just kept them in a plastic bin so they wouldnt get soiled etc....so I went to my favorite antique store and I found a cabinet that fit into my room but its not huge and I did that for a reason.......I find if I just buy the fat quarters there already folded and they store neatly until you unwrap....so when I started using my fat quarters I saved the cardboard there wrapped in and I wrap all my fabric that I have on those......ok now your saying what do you do with fabric thats more then 1/2 yd or 2 yds etc......well I dont like buying fabric just to buy and let sit unless I need it.....and its hard to do but I finally have been able to do this and use up all my fabric that I already have.......I know some of you are saying but buying fabric is the best part of a new project and it is believe me......but think about it we collect so much and then we forget what we have or the style goes out etc......so now I have extra money to buy other things that I want for my sewing like the bigkick by sizzix.....which helps with all my applique....and when I need fabric I go to my cabinet and choose a color because now I can see what I have rather then searching my bins........so thats how I store my fabric in little piles.....and colors are separated so theres no spending time looking and messing up.......sorry about the lengthly post I got carried away lol.....god bless Trish

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    Jun 2007
    New Mexico
    QuiltE...My fab is in tubs too and totes. Don't have a sewing room so fab is really all over the house. Need to take a day soon and resort fab. Since we never do anything special for Thanksgiving except for lots of food, maybe I'll sort on thanksgiving.
    If you don't work on it you'll never finish it.

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    Senior Member unclefreckles's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
    Bosque Farms New Mexico
    I was fortunate to see an ad on Craigs list for a bunch of fabric at a home nearby. Went to see and couldn't believe my eyes!! This lady was selling ALL of her quilting fabrics and she had 6 plastic roller shelves with 4 drawers each and 2 huge lawn size trash bags full of material all most 1/2 yd or more. I paid 100.00 for all, but now I need to sort them so that I know what I really have..Huge job, but I intend to use the folding broads I ordered from Polar.com to store them again in the drawers but by some kind of order like color. Maybe I will also do this on the Thanksgiving weekend.
    unclefreckles' Grandma

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    Super Member deedum's Avatar
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    Jun 2009
    Ok, I thought the poster boards from the dollar store would create acid on your fabrics. Gee, I took all mine off the boards and I just bought and cut and orgainzered them, and gave to the nursery school for the kids to draw on.. Looks beautiful on the boards. Obviously, I need to buy more fabric after looking at your stash!

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    Jul 2011
    Kennebec county
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    1.Just finished sorting etc...pulled out everything that I could use for charity and put in bin outside of my quilt room..Only have what I use...I am blessed with an old bedroom that works for me.
    2. All fat quarters are in plastic bins and marked by colors in a closed closet.
    3. Everything about a yard are in small plastic bin with covers and filed by color.(they are cheap to purchase)
    4. Anything 2 yds or more are measured and marked and piled by color in closet
    5. All my battings plus small pieces marked by size....are in open wire shelves in a closet by size.
    6. Special projects...christmas....etc. are in small covered containers and put in a bookcase. With my books and magazines. I keep all projects I have done...in notebooks on these shelves.
    7. Pulled odd shaped material and am cutting in 2 2 1/2" 3 3 1/3" up to 6"
    8. have a bin of WOF ...marked.
    9. I keep everything that pertains to each machine in a desk..

    I enjoy my quilt room because I can exactly what I need and when I am done a project. I immediately take care of left overs.
    FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU...make it uniquely YOURS!!! I decided what I wanted for furniture...open bookcase. 3-4 plastic 3-draw ....couple of wood cabinets under my short arm table...a closed closed portable ..plus a regular closet...and thread and rulers all in one place...this is long and I hop given some semblance of what i did..JUST BEGIN..
    His love is deeper still, Margo in Maine

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    Super Member mmonohon's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    Washington State
    Great idea.

    May your bobbin always be full! ~Author Unknown

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    Apr 2010
    Missouri, USA
    How wonderful that your mother and you share an interest and skill in quilting! Your system is looks so neat!

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