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Thread: Should I wait or not??

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    Aug 2011
    Sussex, WI

    Should I wait or not??

    OK, here is my problem!! I have tons of "things and stuff" in my sewing room...not just fabric and notions, but a huge cutting table, a table for my sewing machine, a "big board" on my ironing board, lots of storage bins, etc.....I can't stand ALL the stuff anymore.
    I could do a couple of things:
    1. just forget all the stuff and sew
    2. get rid of some of the stuff
    3. get rid of some of the large things....like the cutting table and all the storage stuff, big board ironing board
    4. be patience and wait 2 years as my daughter will be in college then and I can take 3 bedrooms and spread things out. (Right now I am using 1 1/2 bedrooms!!)

    Want would you do.....
    The bedroom sizes are typical size, except for one which is rather small.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.....


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    Super Member Crqltr's Avatar
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    Aug 2011
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    I would not get rid of it until I was certain...to expensive to replace! I would forget about stuff and sew!

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    May 2010
    Don't get rid of any thing now But can you put the Larger things Say under a Bed in one of the other rooms til a later date when you will be able to spread out? PS. 2 yrs seem long when you look Ahead But think back! two years and its passes very fast!
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    Don't get rid of anything yet! Can you store some of the larger things? I had a problem like that and found out I could multi task some of my big things. I use a built in counter as a cutting table when not in uses just hang my cutting mat on the end of cabnet. Is your sewing table big enough to use for cutting or Ironing? Want to Iron? DH cut me a piece of light weight board 2X3 (fits on counter with room on both ends) I used batting and fabric to make my Ironing board when not in use fits behind door. 2 years latter I still have my cutting table in storage, almost forgot about it! Still have my Ironing board folded and sitting behind door with my 2X3 board hasn't moved sence it was put there. even use board on counter for cloths. I did get rid of storage boxes, DH made be a couple of cabnets with lots of room for my stash the doors have pegboard in the top half for hanging all my rullers, cutters ect. Easy to find and put away. good luck I know it can be frustrating to have no floor space to move in. I still have a large sewing table for my machine and a table that is for sitting at when I do hand work or when the grands come over to sew. but it is also a folding table that I can fold away when not in use. It also fits behine the door! LOL You would be suprised what you can hide behind a door that is never closed! Out of sight out of mind !

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    Jul 2012
    I would do #1... just forget all the stuff and sew. It seems like when I get rid of something, I need it 3 weeks later...

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    I recommend you find some alternative places to put some of the "stuff" till you can spread it all out when you get more space. There must be some nooks and crannies you can fill. As the others said , replacing .. can get quite costly.

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    I can't think of a thing you said that you won't need! I'd keep all of it and sew.

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    Put everything you dont want and put it under your bed and forget it! Sooner or later you will be looking for something you almost got rid of. You will be glad you did!

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    My sewing room is a 9" X 10" bedroom with a closet. I know exactly how you feel. It feels like every square inch of this room is jam packed with stuff. I did finally take some things (tubs of fabric, floor quilting hoop, etc) and put them in the guest bedroom. It opened my room up little bit but I still have an ironing board, cutting table, sewing desk, 3 bookcases full of nicely folded fabrics, a cabinet for machine storage and other things and a 6 drawer Sterilite on wheels. There is nothing that I feel that I can do without at this time. It does seem to get cluttered quickly but I have learned that I have to put things away when I am finished with them and I have to clean up more frequently when I am working on something. I know this set up won't be forever, we plan on moving within the next 5 years. My sewing room is my haven from the rest of the house and occupants. Maybe you just need a break from your room or even quilting for a moment. I took a break at the end of June, just to re-ground myself. I spent the first week of July organizing my room. I did cull out lots of fabric that I knew I would never use and donated it. I re assessed everything that I had and how much I really needed the things that I had. I put myself on a buying freeze until I make a dent in my already overwhelming stash. No more patterns, rulers, anything. I have only sewn 1 quilt since I reorganized and that was because it was a gift for someone special. If I were you, I would just take a step back for a moment and regroup. I wouldn't get rid of anything until you have thought about it long and hard. Then if these items are still making you unhappy, rid yourself of them. It may be a lot of money but your inner self is more important. These things can be replaced down the road if you decide you need them again.
    No one has ever become poor by giving. - Anne Frank
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    i would keep it. forget get about stuff and sew...

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