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Thread: what would you charge a client for this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaperPrincess View Post
    First of all, it is just beautiful!
    Just read your second post. DO NOT let her pay less than the $126. She's robbing you at that. If she won't pay that, then keep it for yourself.

    I'm with this. She agreed beforehand--end of story. You can't charge more and she can't pay less. Hold it for payment and a sore reminder. Always get a deposit.

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    I say $200 minimum, also. And the woman sounds like a skunk to me! Keep it until she at least pays the $125.

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    I see the Amish quilts about that size.....with a LOT less work going for about $350+. People are really terrible about quilt prices, because they really don't have any idea the amount of labor, planning, supplies, etc. that it takes.
    Yes, I would keep it, and in the future do an estimation and get a WRITTEN contract/agreement (Judge Judy's advice!)
    That woman is outragious!

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    First of all it's really beautiful, very well designed and quilted. Second, I guess she really doesn't care all that much about Grandpa and his tailoring business, she just wants something that people will ooh and ahh over. Third, guess she thinks that all you have is time on your hands and would like to donate it to her. Clearly she is self centered and cheap.

    That being said, she has given you a valuable lesson. It's business and you are in it to make a profit. Now is the time to review your business policies. Yes, policies. Create a little binder labeled policies and add to it a policy for RUSH orders, custom design, customer provided fabrics, additional materials, and don't forget to add a surcharge for your time and gas, etc. when you provide additional materials. Labor costs are another policy and add to that the cost of overhead (wear and tear, maintenance of machines, electric, etc.)So many things that we never think of when we get into this. If you have a policy binder, you can always refer to it as well as showing your customers. It demonstrates the seriousness of your enterprise, regardless of how big or little it is.

    Don't let her badger you into a lower price than you agreed on, she is getting a steal at that! As others have said, sell it or keep it but don't give it away. Good luck and let us know how you did.
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    i had this problem with a client not too long ago...and i refused to accept what she wanted to pay...my client was happy with the workmanship etc...but claimed that i had misled her regarding final cost. keep the quilt and find another buyer ...someone out there is gonna fall in love with it and also see the value of it. be sure to copyright your pattern- i absolutely love it. i made something similar but with cherry blossoms on branches and used as a medalion for a king size nine patch quilt. stand up for your principles...for this client you lost precious time and effort but chalk it up to a learning experience..just like i have had to do...when commissioned to do something for others get the money first...the length x the width = total square inch x .03 (or whatever you want to charge ) + cost of supplies, fabric, fusible, thread and yes even sewing needles used for the job=a good value for a well made quilt. if people like this knew just what goes into making an original quilt they probably would not commission it to be done in the first place because they are either ignorant or know that they are taking advantage of you in a big way.

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    I don't know who said it but "A verbal agreement isn't worth the paper it's printed on"
    Your quilt is beautiful and I can tell that a lot of thought went into the design. It's worth every penny that you agreed on and more. Maybe your client hasn't heard that you reap what you sew...sow....you know what I mean.


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    Many years ago I had a lady quilt for me. She had quoted $60 and then when I went to pick the quilt up, she said it took a lot longer than she had expected and wanted $100. I split the difference and paid her $80. Now I know, but didn't then, the time and work that she did. However, at the time, it was expensive for me. After that, I got a written quote of the cost of quilting and the method......pantograph or custom. For someone just starting to have this done, it is a shock. I think, if I were you, I'd just swallow my anger and take the money and then Never, Never, Ever do it again without a contract......Consider it a hard lesson learned....

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    Check Etsy.com to see what quilts are going for. I wouldn't give her the quilt now after she agreed to purchase it at a higher price. $60.00 is not reasonable at all. Good luck.
    Casa Grande, Arizona

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    Beautiful quilt.
    Your quilt pattern would make a nice "family tree". Names could be embroidered on the hearts or more added. Would you be willing to sell your pattern? I'd be interested.


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    What a beautifully, designed quilt!! Keep the quilt. Your expertise in the original design, materials, and time are worth far more than the $125. She would be getting a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind family treasure. It amazes me daily how many people just don't understand money. They don't want to pay for "that quilt", "dental work", "you name it" but at the same time they have their nails done, go out to eat and have drinks, buy $6 magazines at the checkout and give their kids a flat screen tv for their bedrooms. Shame on her for agreeing to the $125 and now saying $60. Thank you for sharing this story with us.

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