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Thread: Chipped Beef! As Gram would say... SOS ..

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    Dried Beef Gravy was something we would have on Thur or Fri on what Mom called a "short pay week" (no weekend or overnight differential) 5 kids 2 adults, my Mom could stretch it to feed 10 if she needed to!! (not unsual to find a extra body or 2 around the table.) Over toast and/or mashed potatoes. I think most of the babies in our family had Dried Beef Gravy or Gravy from my Mom's Pot Roast over mashed potatoes as the first REAL food they had, lol.

    Isn't it interesting how food can trigger memories............

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    My mom made slumgullion, too. I think she was just using up leftovers. I haven't heard that word in years. Funny.

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    We always had our SOS (creamed chipped beef) on pancakes for breakfast. Now in my sixties, that's the only way I'll eat pancakes. It's a special treat every once in awhile since no one else in my family eats it.

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    I had this at a friend's house. It was her favorite and she wanted to share it. It was quite tasty!

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    My Dad was in the army and said they served this Sh** on a Shingle in the Mess Hall all the time. It was chipped beef in gravy servedon top of toast. He wouldn't touch the stuff after he got out, according to my mother.
    Karen in Kentucky

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    Love it. I jar dried chipped beef (use to come in a jar you could recycle into a drinking glass). Rinse meat to rempve excess salt. Brown some flour in a skillet. add cut up meat and milk. Let simmer til it thickens up and pig out!! I just throw it together... don't measure anything

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    Quote Originally Posted by lots2do View Post
    My Mom called it S on a S too. I had it at a friend's house and she was rather snobbish about it when I came home raving about it. Said that name came from soldiers eating it too many times during the war.
    Yes, I too think the name came from the WWII soldiers; heard too many of them talking about it in my youth. Also, most of them hated Spam!
    "We shall pass this way on Earth but once; if there is any kindness we can show, or good act we can do, let us do it now, for we will never pass this way again." Stephen Grellet

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    Mom always had the little glass jars of dried beef. She craved salt and would eat them all the time. We never had creamed chipped beef on toast as Mom would not allow milk gravy in our house. Dad would sometimes order it when eating out if she was not with him as he grew up on it. I never heard of milk gravy or creamed chipped beef on toast until college. Also had my first hominy then too. Foods certainly do bring back memories

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    Sure! Buy a jar of Chipped beef and make a white sauce from butter, flour, and milk. (Any basic cook book will give you the proportions for the sauce.) Rinse the chipped beef and then add to your white sauce. Add salt to taste (not much because the beef is already salty,) also add pepper. Thicken the sauce if necessary and spread over toast or hot biscuits. Yum! Do you know why it is called SOS? During WWII the soldiers were served it so often and it was not very good when prepared for hundreds of guys at once, that they nicknamed it SOS. A bil would not touch the stuff.

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    We grew up eating this. White gravy over Buddig packaged meat. On toast. Yuck.


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