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Thread: How many do you have...

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    Senior Member MrsBoats's Avatar
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    May 2011
    Western Tidewater, VA

    How many do you have...

    ...and how many do you use?

    I always tell The Husband "need's got nothing to do with it!" when I bring home another machine, but I was eying a Necchi 534FB in the thrift shop today and got to wondering.

    I have: A Pfaff 130, (my main machine); a Singer 319 (fun to play with); a Nelco from the 60's (I keep for the free arm and blind stitch); and a black FW and a white FW (both go to class/sew-ins with me). These are the ones that get used regularly.

    On the 'they're cool' side, I have a herd of friction drives: the crinkle Kenmore, the aluminum Kenmore, the Montgomery Wards and a nameless-but-likely National. These are more because they're cool than for use, but the Montgomery Wards makes beautiful buttonholes, so that's its job.

    And then there are the treadles. My first was a New Willard, which is a Singer 27 clone, in a parlor cabinet. But I'm not fond of (or good with) using those long shuttles, so I bought a Singer 66 in a 7-drawer cabinet. It's pretty, but we just didn't click. So I took it out and put the Necchi BU Nova ThingOne found for me in the treadle, only I don't use it much. Nice machine, but I think it's me; I've come to the conclusion that I like electrified, not treadled. I'll get around to passing them on somebody else eventually.

    Total Herd: 12
    Used: 5

    Oh, and I didn't get the Necchi. While I was waffling, a young Mennonite girl, maybe 12ish, snagged it. I heard her tell the cashier that the money came from selling her spring chicks, and that her mom told her if she'd buy her own machine, she could make all of her own clothes. I think it's going to a good home!
    There's no such thing as too many sewing machines!

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    Senior Member harrishs's Avatar
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    Mar 2010
    Council Bluffs, Iowa
    I am too embarrassed to tell how many-----they are all over my house. I sold most of my stash so that I would have some place to show them. All work but 3 that I am still trying to get going or find the parts for. I have used them all but I favor the Singers 201, 301, and Featherweight.....I even "loaned" my Bernina to my sister (her White gave up the ghost)because I would rather sew on a vintage machine.....

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    Super Member J Miller's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    NE Indiana
    30+ and I go from machine to machine using them all. My wife pretty much sticks with her Bernina or the 319K.

    Right now I've got her using different machines I've worked on just to make sure they are in good order. Not sure but some of them may go on up for sale or be given as gifts. I want them as right as they can be. If anyone can find the week spot in a machine, my wife can.


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    Super Member SewExtremeSeams's Avatar
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    May 2009
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    OH... should I even start?

    Plenty of vintage machines around my place. I stopped buying treadles, just because... current count is 5. But, I see them all the time on craigslist and get concerned that they might get tossed if no one buys them. In the past year I have only purchased one $25 Franklin with foot pedal and cords... no cabinet or anything. I look everyday, though!

    Oh, current count is around 24.


    Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now am found, was blind, but now I see.
    [John Newton (1725-1807)]


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    Super Member jljack's Avatar
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    Apr 2007
    North Carolina - But otherwise, NOTW
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    OK, well, here's my list:
    1890 Davis HAVF1 - head that needs a base.
    1915 David NVF in a treadle - plan on using this one
    1950'something Singer 15 in a treadle - does get used
    Decorah Posten treadle irons only - plan to use for the 1890 Davis head
    White treadle cabinet only - bought some irons, but don't know if they fit yet.
    1909 Singer 66-1 Lotus decals - needs a treadle base - DH working on designing a multi-use base for all these
    1915 A. G. Mason "New Glenwood" treadle head - a prospect for that MU base
    1924 Singer 99 - converted to a hand crank - love this little one!

    OK, now the electrics:
    1917 Western Electric portable - motor just rewired by our friend Joe
    1948(?) Singer 128 portable
    1953 Singer 301a - my daily piecer and usual travel partner
    1956 Singer 221 Featherweight - my traveler sometimes
    1957 Adler in cabinet - Has some tension issues, so haven't worked on it in a while
    And a lovely Singer cabinet with curved drawers that should have a 201 in it but doesn't.
    1 Singer 15 that I haven't even looked at yet because it's frozen up
    1 15 clone that needs a new tension take up spring.

    I think that's it...so, 12.

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    Super Member Charlee's Avatar
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    Sep 2009
    PNW (I wish it was the Ozarks!)
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    My list:
    People Powered:

    1879 (?) Wheeler & Wilson 8 treadle. Don't use, I'm scared of damaging the decals! It does work, and I WILL make something, sooner or later.
    1906 A.G. Mason "New Florence" treadle. I use it, especially for "quickie" jobs.
    1911 Singer 115 treadle. LOVE to use this one!
    1888 or 89 Davis Vertical Feed. Have just played with it, intend to use it soon.
    1907/08 Singer 9W. I use this one for sewing blocks for a Dear Jane quilt.
    1916 Singer 66 (Redeye) Haven't used this one yet other than to find out if it sews. Sent the cabinet out to my "wood guy" before I knew I could do it myself!
    1915 Singer 28K handcrank. I use this one quite a bit actually.


    1934 White Number 8. (Thinking of selling this one, I have never used it other than to see if it worked)
    1958 Kenmore model 84. Use this one!
    1956 Singer Featherweight. "My baby"!
    1946 Singer 15-91. Yep! My "powerhouse"
    1951 Singer 201-2 Wonderful machine for grid quilting!
    1978 Kenmore. This one was my mother's, but currently doesn't work...the feeddogs don't work right.
    1924 Singer 99. Cute lil work horse!
    Singer 403.
    Singer 437
    Singer 500
    Use them all!
    2007 Janome 8077....don't use it much these days.
    Unknown year Brother Industrial...the spousal unit won't let it in the house yet! LOL!

    Oh....and a 1980's HuskyLock serger that I use a LOT!

    So if you count the serger and the two more modern machines, 20 in all...
    One day, you'll only be a memory for some people. Do your best to be a good one.


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    Dec 2009
    Enid, OK
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    what a great story though....she really needed that machine.....

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    Senior Member happyquiltmom's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    NE Indiana
    I have only 4, and use only 3.

    Vintage 1970's Bernina Record 830 - dedicated to free-motion quilting
    Singer 401A - my go-to machine
    Singer Featherweight Centennial - for retreats, classes, etc.

    Singer 27 treadle (1889) - currently awaiting attention. Would like to get her up and running someday.

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    Super Member chris_quilts's Avatar
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    Dec 2009
    leavenworth, ks
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    I have close to 40 but use roughly 6 out of the herd. Am giving 2 away to a girlfriend and am hoping to/trying to rehome some of the others. Some will go to a charity auction benefit for the local low cost spay/neuter clinic to which I also donate other items - mostly quilted things.

    I have approximately 3 treadles and the rest are electric machines. Tons of Singers, 2 Kenmores, 2 Necchis,, 1 Bernina 117K or L, 1 Davis NVF electrified. 1 Morse and others I'm sure I'm not remembering.
    I meant to behave......but there were too many other options

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    Upper Michigan
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    Wow! I dont feel so bad. I have 15-91 use every day, ols
    D singer, old viking- in shop an old rose never used. Goes 90 mph dont know y. 2 cheap brothers from walmart i learn e d on.

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