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My daughter went through this very thing when she was 22, two years ago. I took care of her laundry, cleaned her house and made food for her. I also helped her bathe. One thing she needed was pants that would not rub on her incision. I was able to get her yoga type pants. She still wears them! Being there to help her stand up and get comfortable is also big! Hugs to you both!
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they will heal over but I now have a diverticulosis where they scared over (53 yrs ago)
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Been there done that with two of my children. One was 8 and the other 14 at the time. Since I have a medical background,
I am a Medical Technologist, I come at this a little differently. The infection, seems to me, to be the most immediate problem here. I can't believe that a physician would even think about not taking the appendix out, with that history and it is even harder to believe that she had a previous "rupture" and it was left in. The fact that she has a bad infection, will, of course, have already stressed her body, so the recovery will be skewed by that. In almost all instances, where a scope surgery is done, recovery seems to be amazingly quick. As for the future pregnancy issue, there should not be one because of this surgery. My two daughters, who had the surgery, have had no trouble, one of them has four children and the other three. If you are worried about that I would ask her surgeon about those statistics. Good Luck
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Family surprise!! A couple of weeks ago on a Friday night, my son called and left a message: his wife had driven herself to the hospital at 3:30, it was now nine PM and the apendix was coming out at 9 (the 4th one that day for the OR) She returned to her grad school class on Monday.
I told my school nurse and she said the same had happened to her, also on a Friday night, but she waited 'til Wednesday to go back to work as a nurse on her feet all evening.
The wonders of modern medicine.
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I think she should follow the three docs advice, if her recovery does interfere with finals most professors will accommodate her. Her adviser can step in too.
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Originally Posted by Peckish View Post
I think it all depends on so many factors, it would be impossible for any of us to give you an accurate idea. What kind of procedure they will use, how severe her illness is, her general health prior to the rupture, how well she listens and follows the doctor's recommendations for a speedy recovery - these are all things that will affect how long she is down.

What does the doctor say? That's the person to ask.

p.s. May I say I'm shocked that they haven't removed the appendix already.
I agree. There are many circumstances that can affect the outcome. What may start out as a lap appy could turn into an open incision, requiring a longer hospital stay and longer recuperation. Hoping for the best for her!
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I had an appendectomy when I was 79. After the anesthesia wore off, I was up and putting my make-up on, ready to go home. But they didn't burst either. She must be careful. she'll probably be okay. Young people heal fast.
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I think she'll be fine to go back to school in a couple days. Sitting in class and studying won't impede recovery and give her something to do rather than concentrate on every little ache and pain. The most strenuous thing she's going to do is walk to class, which helps to get the gas out and muscles moving. Her doctor might have her avoid alot of stairs. I think maybe she shouldn't drive for a week, but her doctor will give her plenty of instructions. She'd probably be under more stress if she had to miss alot of classes and worry about catching up. ruptured appendix can be very serious and she's lucky to be fairing so well. I wouldn't wait any longer than necessary to remove it. I'm a little suprised that it didn't get removed when it ruptured. The only laproscopic surgery I've had was when I had my tubes tied many many years ago, but I remember hiking to the top of a baseball stadium 2 days later with very little discomfort and only missing one day of work. My best friend had the new robotic hysterectomy last year and was in the hospital less than 24 hours and wanted to stop for lunch on the way home!!! Way different than what my experience had been 15 years earlier! I think she'll be fine, maybe a little slow for a few days, but OK
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Had mine out 12 days ago and am itching to get back to my sewing machine but still can't comfortably sit straight up. Been doing some hand embroidery.
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She normally would be out in 24 hours (not 2 hrs) but with the infection it depends on how well it heals. My son and niece had theirs done at an early age years ago when technology kept them down longer and they were out of school for about a week. The way things are now she probably could go back to class as long as easy in a few days but with the infection it'll take longer. If she hurrys things she'll prolong her healing time. I'm sure alot of her class stuff she can catch up with online and she can contact her teachers online as well. Good luck; it's not easy trying to keep the young ones down.
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