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I did not like those Swiffer mops/ dusters. I have real hardwood floors and 3 dogs. I finally found a Mr Clean dust mop at Walmart-it has a 6x17 terry cloth pad. The head is a butterfly design and the pads have sleeves.I paid $8 for the entire thing and paid $2 for a second pad. I use one for dusting and the other to mop with. I have been using it every day for the past 4 yrs. This is the best mopping apparatus I've ever come across. New pads are still only $2 and I can find them in all the Dollar stores as well as K-Mart and WM and I made a pad out of that micro terry cloth car wash towel and it has made washing the roof of the car and the front and back windshields so much easier.
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I have the O-Cedar spin mop now. It has a longer handle than the Hurricane Mop that I had before it broke. I will not be without a spinner mop of some kind ever again unless they quit making them. I have a dog. Nuff said.
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Originally Posted by mike'sgirl View Post
My mop broke this morning. I've gone through at least a half dozen of this kind in the last few years. It's the kind with the cotton strands the you can pull up on the handle and twist to squeeze the water out. I'm sick of them. They don't last.
My question: what kind of mop do you use? And does it last longer than 6 months? My dh wants one of those big industrial mops that needs a bucket with a ringer. I'm disabled and don't want to wrestle with all that. Suggestions please!!!
I used to have one of those industrial mops. They work great, but are heavy and when the bucket is full of water it weighs a ton. Finally said no more--I am to old to lug that thing around. Now hubby does the mopping and bought a cheap mop. Can't say he really loves it but hasn't found anything he likes better.
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Originally Posted by Stitchnripper View Post
I use a swiffer mop but put a washable microfiber cloth on it and squirt cleaner in front of me. If the cloth gets dirty I change it out mid mop. I have had a lot of mops and floor cleaners but this is the one I like now. When we had the big dog I had one of those Hoover floor mates which squirted cleaning solution on the dirty floor and brushes scrubbed and then a different button pulled the dirty water into a different container. Worked great. Don't need it now.
Another vote for the Hoover floor mates hard floor cleaner, works great! In between, I use a swiffer, make my own cloths out of flannel.
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I have the same as Stitchnripper.....
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I love my O'Cedar spin mop. I always wash the head out very well after each use and in the summer, let it dry out in the sun on a wrought iron chair. I did find a re-placement head also, but haven't had to use it yet. It does the best job on my laminate wood floors with a dash of Pine Sol in the water. Dries almost immediately too.
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PS, my expensive steam cleaner is languishing in the broom closet.
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I have one of those mops that spins. My daughter bought me one for Christmas a few years ago from Lowes or Menards. I absolutely love it. She has one too & loves hers
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I love my spin mop!!!
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I bought the O'Cedar mop with bucket that spins out the water with a step-on lever on the bucket. It does a good job on my ceramic tile floor. Not having to get my hands wet with dirty water is a real plus. I have two dogs so it is really handy for cleaning up the kitchen floor.
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