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I read somewhere a while back that a pillow over two years old has accumulated it's original weight in dust mite nastiness etc. I have to change mine regularly as my head sweats terribly no matter how cold the room is kept. I even bought one of those pillows that "guarantee" to keep your head comfortable -- no dice. Anyway, now I just get cheaper ones; use the covers that supposedly form an impervious barrier (but probable also contributes to heat), and still spend more money on them than I care to think about. The older I get, the less I seem to sleep I seem to get. Maybe I should use the money on more fabric and sleep sitting up in my recliner.... My beagles won't like it; they want to cuddle in bed. Joyce in Delaware
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Originally Posted by FancyFoot View Post
When staying at a local hotel, I discovered the most awesome pillows ever. The best I've ever slept on.
The Sobel Westex - Dolce Notte Pillow
Reasonably priced & good service
Wow this is what I was going to suggest! We stayed at Paniolo Greens in Hawaii and these were the pillows on the bed. My husband and i liked them so well I ordered 6 online. They are reasonably priced as well.
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yup, lots of differing opinions.
I discovered after nearly my whole life, that my dgd "baby" pillow I helped her big sister make, that
as a mostly stomach sleeper, I had been sleeping on pillows that were too big!
My dh gave up one that his chiropracter designed that has a rectangular hollow in the middle and
I confiscated that one too.
It's mostly our necks that need the support and proper alignment anyway.
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here's something else to consider for those that are not sleeping well:
My dh has sleep apnea and I'd had trouble sleeping for many, many years due to fibromyalgia.
Well, somewhere along the way I too, developed sleep apnea and had no idea.
If you snore even a little, but wake up tired and have a dull headache for a while, ask your sleep
partner if you snore.
If they say yes, go talk to your doctor. I went to a sleep study and the next morning I told the
tech it didn't work...I never snored.
He grinned and said, "Only when you were asleep!" "really?"....really!
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I also, own "My Pillow" they are great and can be and should be washed often. Good luck in your search.
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Thanks all. Lots to think about. Kind of afraid to order on line,but who knows.....might
just do that. Wash my pillows every 3-4 mos in hot water. Learned to check they are washable before buying.
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