Buying Bed Pillows

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Macy's and Kohl's carries pillows that are marked for back sleepers, side sleepers and stomach sleepers. I like those.
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I find buying bed pillows to be a torturous process. DH and I did this last year and painful doesn't even come close to finding a decent pillow anymore. We both, obviously, like different types of pillows. In years past, I've even been willing to pay waaaaay to much $$ for a decent pillow. Last ones we ended up with were, I believe, from Home Goods. Can't remember cuz we were in about 6 stores that day looking for pillows. The ones we currently have are ok but not great. He really doesn't like his - too thick. Mine are better than what I had but still not great. Good luck!
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Originally Posted by plainpat View Post
Our pillows are getting so flat ,although they were good for years. now I need to shop for new.Down is too soft for side sleepers like us.Is memory foam heavy? What store ? As you can see,advice needed.
I sleep some on my side, some on my back and the stomach and back to my side. All night long. Anyway, I have a down pillow and I like it because I can bunch it up when I'm on my side and flatten to one side on my stomach and roll it under my neck on my back. But pillows are such a personal thing, you'll just have to see what's out there.
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I just bought a new pillow. I'm a side and stomach sleeper. The research I did recommended a 50/50 fill of down and feathers. I haven't had the new one but a couple of weeks. It's a little fuller than I like but I'm sure it will squash down over time. My old pillow as so flat I might as well not use it.

I bought a down substitute for my DH and his actually seems a little softer. It doesn't seem to be stuffed as full as mine.
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Over the 'many' years, I have spent a tremendous amount of money on pillows, and then they go flat. My husband asked me about two years ago to get some 'decent' pillows. So, I went to a mattress store and tried out various pillows, and decided on Temperpedic brand pillows. I purchased two queen size pillows and the covers for them. I can truthfully say, they are worth the money, and they bounce back into shape. But yes, they were an "investment" so to speak. I doubt that I will ever have to buy any more pillows.
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Wal Mart has pillows in bins so you can pull them out and push and pull on them to test what you think will work for you. I put my pillows in my top loader washing machine and dry them in the dryer about every six months to keep them fresh. And when they get beyond help, away they go for some other use. froggyintexas
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I change all bed pillows at least three times a year. DH sweats a lot at night and no way I'd want his pillows in the bed longer then a few months. I also use two pillowcases per pillow. It really helps to keep the pillow shape and fullness. I give the used pillows to the local animal shelter. I won't buy very expensive pillows because I won't keep them long enough to justify the cost.
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I purchased pillows from QVC shopping channel on t.v. They are called My Pillow, and I love mine.
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I am weird I use a contoured with a feather on top. I like the coolness of the feather pillow. I have my feather pillows re-ticked at the local Dry cleaner to get the fullness I want and it is very reasonable.
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Several years ago, when I was much younger, I overheard several ladies talking about how they couldn't find decent pillows. At the time I thought they were silly. Now, much older, I know what they were talking about. I couldn't find a decent pillow anywhere until my Dr. suggested JC Pennys. Now I have pillows I can sleep with.
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