calendars in your house...

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I have a calendar on the refrigerator and in three other rooms
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Oh we have calendars all over the place. Two in the office area, one in the garage, one in the kitchen, one in the front room (its small and cute!).
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DD's hobby is photography so I get great calendars from her, one yr of her pics, this yr of a well known Little Rock photographer of city and state scenes. Love the pictures but seldom use the calendars for anything else. Use electronic devices mostly. Only one calendar in house in sewing room.
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We have a clock in living area that gives time, temp, day and date....Magnetic one on refrigerator with large squares for all notes and appointments(I keep this one as Tartan said, for my years journal)....One in entry from equipment company every year.
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Originally Posted by Quilty-Louise View Post
Yes I have a total of 4 calendars hanging up.
1 on the small freezer near my desk.
2 on the wall near the kitchen (one is from Italy a gift from FIL and step MIL).
1 in the bathroom. (will explain if anyone REALLY wants to know).
Self explanatory, Quilty Louise, since I also have one right in front of me in the bathroom. It just sort of sets your day (being that it is the first thing you see in the morning, right?) I get laughs about it, but hey, it works, and I
know where you are coming from......been there!!!! Edie
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LOL Edie,
My calendar in the bathroom only started 8 years ago. It was started
as a way to help remind of when to change my hormone patch. Now
it is just a habit.

Originally Posted by Edie View Post
Self explanatory, Quilty Louise, since I also have one right in front of me in the bathroom. It just sort of sets your day (being that it is the first thing you see in the morning, right?) I get laughs about it, but hey, it works, and I
know where you are coming from......been there!!!! Edie
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I have one wall calendar that I keep above my desk. I purchase it to support the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America. I love the pictures. The only thing I use if for is the stickers to remind me when my dog's heartgard and frontline are due.
I keep a small calendar/address book in my handbag and that is where I record appointments. I'd be lost without it.
However, it seems that all the people that used to send you address labels (and they are still doing that) are also sending calendars. Big, beautiful calendars. I think if I get one more I'm going to scream! I have no place to put them. I have given away no less than a dozen gorgeous calendars. These are coming from charitable organizations. Some I support, some I would like to, they all want my money.
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No, don't have one. We do stick appointment notes on the fridge sometimes, but I generally use my phone for logging appts/important dates. Don't wear a watch either (once i put them on they don't keep time). For work stuff I print out my roster/make notes on it. Used to have calendars for years, but we sort of drifted out of using them once the new kitchen went in (no wall space for a hanger). My mother has a calendar which she checks/uses almost daily.
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Realtors recommend that things like that be removed. They want them staged. I personally don't see anything wrong with personal things in the house, but the idea is to make the home look like the homes in the magazines. Most of the time I think they look very cold and sad.
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I have a calendar in the kitchen near the back door and colorful posty notes stuck to the cabinet doors ( left to right date sequence) with more detailed info, sometimes I even stick one to the bathroom mirror. And a pocket calendar in my purse. When I bought my house there was a pretty calendar on the wall, after moving in I turned it to the current month and found a huge hole in the wall!
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