calendars in your house...

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My calender is in my phone. Only me reads it so don't need big ones hanging up.
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I have one in my hall to keep track of when to change a/c - furnace filters and to remind me of when to give dogs heartworm preventive. My oldest Daughter made me a perpetual calender that hangs on a broom closet so I can see it from the dining room.
I keep all my appointments at work as I need them during the work week.
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I have calendars all over the house. I think you might not see them in houses that are for sale, because they probably "staged" the house to sell, plus there is a boatload of personal information on a least mine has.
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Yes I have one that hangs on inside of my pantry door. This was it is out of sight of people visiting but available for me to mark on frequently. My husband does not have to ask me my schedule for work as it is marked on the calendar as well as all appointments for both myself and him.
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*** Yes, I have 3.
*** Office - Den - Car
*** Old people need to have reminders everyy where.
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Yep. I have one hanging on the wall next to the fridge; I use it to keep track of all our events and appointments, as well as what days I've ordered a school lunch for the older boy. I use a calendar app on my phone as a backup, but I really like having it right there where everyone can see. Plus, I like the pretty pictures (it's birds this year), and it's been helpful teaching the kids about months and days of the week.
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I have one in the kitchen by the phone - yes I too still have a land line phone. My husband has three in his office area and I have two at work and there is one on the wall in our vacation home. It is a family tradition that Santa brings everyone a calendar for their stocking every year.
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My DH is a photographer and he makes a calendar each year so we always have one of those hanging in the house. We don't really use it much though, we use our phone calendars for most appointments. I also keep a day planner type calendar in my purse, mostly because my phone is pretty terrible and I don't entirely trust it, so I enter all my appointments in there as well.

I use a lot more calendars at work. I have a big one that lists all the company holidays and important dates such as dates for new software release loading, etc. I use my Outlook calendar for all my meetings, of course, and then I have a day planner style one I keep on my desk that has my personal appointments, reminders, etc. in it. Then there's a departmental calendar that everybody shares for scheduling vacation time.
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we have four in the house and one in sewing room.
seems we have trouble with days and appointments etc. lol
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We have one. It on the wall that separates the kitchen from the living room. I bought it in West Yellowstone last year when we were there on holiday. For the month of October Im looking at a beautiful cinnamon coloured black bear.
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