Chicken sayings anyone???

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OK..I'm thinking for a border...(I know..I know...thinking ahead a bit aren't I??)..anyway..I am going to start like in the left hand upper corner and put..."The Rooster Rules the Roost"....then in the lower right hand corner..I'll put..."But the Hen Rules the Rooster".... Now..I'd like to have another saying to put opposite each other (maybe) on the 2 sides...anyone think of any other than "don't count your chickens before they hatch??"
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Don't put your eggs all in one basket?
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Isn't there something in the little red hen story that is a saying? I remember the story but can't remember the catch phrase - you know the story where noone will help her so she ends up doing it herself then everyone wants a piece of the bread she made.

Here's a link I found with some cute stuff about chickens.
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Rhonda...thanks! That is a great link..I'm going to have to print it out.
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:D :wink: The rooster may crow but the hen delivers the goods :D :wink:

Here is another list
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The Sky is falling!
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Great list Amma, but it left out my favorite
What's the difference between being involved and being committed?
At a bacon and egg breakfastm the hen is involved, but the hog committed!

And Mark Twain's
"Put all your eggs in one basket, and WATCH THAT BASKET!
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Someone here on the forum has a wonderful saying

"If you can't fly as high as you'd like

Fly as high as you can!!! Sounds to me like something a

Momma chicken might say to her chicks.
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Why did the chicken cross the road . . .
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Originally Posted by saravincent
Why did the chicken cross the road . . .
Good one!!

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