counter top ice maker

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thanks for the comments everyone I will now take it off my want list and continue with bagged ice...........
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I’m fear ice makers in the refrigerator after 2 friends had theirs go bad & got major damage in their homes. Ours lasted 2-3 years &we didn’t replace or repair it. We buy 5# ice & keep it in the tray. We don’t use that much ice anyway.
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One other issue is the water line breaking and flooding floors.
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Originally Posted by leonf View Post
After fighting the ice maker in my fridge door for too many years, I went back to ice trays. After 6 months my then wife figured out that her ice wasn't shaped by the ice maker. She was upset at me. Reallly? It was the same filtered water and she wasn't the one who had spent hours/days over the years fighting that blasted machine. I mean. Who would deign a plastic tube that lives in freezing environment not to freeze when water is in it? I am still using ice cube trays at my house and my GF's house. I never want an ice maker in my home.
I'm with you ,leon. I was soo excited to get a fridge with an icemaker and door dispenser. What a waste. The tube leaked into the basement twice, I had the motor replaced to the tune of over $300, and it still didn't work. Never again. I use ice cube trays in there now and use the built in ice bucket in the freezer to store blue reusable ice chest freezie things.
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We're in the ice cube tray group also! Our ice maker went out days after the warranty expired, and we decided not to spend the money fixing it. We have room for 4 trays on the top shelf and keep the ice-bucket filled.
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Originally Posted by tesspug View Post
I freeze water in clean milk cartons. Slamm the baby on concrete a few times and you have crushed ice.
tesspug, you made me laugh out loud!
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I have an Emerson and love it. I freeze the cubes and put them in bags in the freezer. It has been very useful. The cubes are elongated with a hole in the middle. The little ones love them
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My friend in Phoenix has an ice maker and loves it. They make up a few batches of ice and keep it in the refrigerator's freezer. When they are having a large group of people they make up a lot of it. They use bottled water in it so that prevents any mineral build up. I was thinking of getting one when our ice maker in the refrigerator went out, but ice cube trays are cheaper and easier to deal with. I don't have the room in my kitchen to keep an ice machine and to carry it in and out would become an issue and not happen.
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We bought one last year at Sam's Club to put downstairs on our bar. When we have friends over and know we will be making a lot of extra drinks, we start the ice maker up. I believe it only makes about 20 cubes at a time but it only takes about 20 minutes to make them. I just dump them in Ziploc freezer bags and accumulate until I have more than enough. I leave leftovers in the freezer for next time. The last time I had overnight company, I had to run downstairs and get a couple of my leftover bags to use in the kitchen. I guess you can do the same thing with your own ice maker in the kitchen or with ice cube trays. Make extra and store them for when you want them.
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My DH finds both his ice machines indispensable.
The one he uses in his man cave when he has company, the other one we use in the caravan when we do long-term camping.
Both our sons like and use their ice machines extensively in summer.
We use bottled water in our machines, and empty and clean them out before storing in winter time.
It takes 12 minutes for the first 24 cubes to form, but all the batches after that, takes about 8 minutes. We also freeze the left-over cubes.
My grandson (2yo) loves an ice-cube in his coffee
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