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Originally Posted by Lyncat View Post
I do cash only, and make sure my husband is home, with his CSI police van parked in front of our house!
Can he come park in front of my house next time I have something to sell? Lol! That's so funny. I'm sure you never have problems with thieves.😀
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We have a paper called the "ADSACK". DH and I sold a futon many years ago. It was so heavy and got a call. Made sure DH was home. 2 trucks showed up full with 8 people. We only allowed 2people inside. One of the others outside wanted to see what else we had. we told them nothing. We were firm on the price. A little kid about 5 ran inside so I grabbed him and said he couldn't come in. Next thing I know an older guy walks in straight back to the kitchen and through the hall like a circle but still I got angry. I yelled for DH who told the guy to get out. The woman says I only have $60.00. DH told her and the rest of them to just leave now. I shook like a leaf after they left. Not so much because I was scared, I was downright mad. The next day we sat a few things on the curb and a guy who has stopped by often and always asks for sure if it's free was loading up his truck. DH asked him if he was interested in a futon. He and his wife were looking for a futon mattress for under $100.00. We showed him ours. we got our full price and he got a full outfit frame and mattress. I threw in the sheets that fit. Told him the heaviest person to ever sleep on it weighed about 150# and that was only for 3 nights. Now we let him know what we're going to set on the curb if he wants it. Will never go through CL to sell again or our local ADSACK. I will purchase but not sell and still exercise caution every time.
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Thanks for the stories...horror and good. On second thought..not CL....I will try local classified..if not I'm stuck with it!
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Geri, If you're not as interested in making money as you are in being free of the treadle, you can call Goodwill or Salvation army and they may send a truck out to pick it up for you. Then they'll give you a receipt for the value and you can claim it on your income tax and take a write off. I have done this in both Ohio and North Carolina. In Ohio I gave them gymn equipment and a sewing machine. In NC, I gave them a huge Turkish oriental rug made of lamb's wool. I tried to get them to take an older electric stove and a console stove, but they said they were too old. The rug was 30 years old, but they were happy to get it. I don't know if they would want your treadle but it's worth a shot.

I have bought a vintage Kenmore sewing machine and cabinet on eBay before. As long as you package them up properly and insure them, you should still consider that an option.
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Try freecycle if you cannot sell it and want it to go to a new home.
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I have sold stuff and have met them at a winn Dixie or the machine had to be tested of course. You kinda get a feel for it and then I just open the garage door and not let anyone in the house. If anyone asks for the bathroom, I aways say I have the big shepherd locked up in there and don't want to tangle with him lol....but all in all I have had good luck. and only exact cash always.
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Originally Posted by lynnie View Post
call your local police dept to met first. i hear a lot of them now have a special room for that. I have no problem asking for cash. good luck.
Our local police department (small town) has an area of the parking lot, on camera, specifically for "sale exchanges. Call and ask.
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My town also has a meeting place in the police lot. I've met people in public places and all went well, cash only. Always thought if I had something large to sell that I couldn't haul myself I would have my husband and his best friend there cleaning their guns.
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I would definitely not sell any items from my home...inside or out. I would not want to advertise my address to strangers. I would suggest maybe taking the machine to a resale/consignment store where it could be sold & the store get a portion of the sale price.
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If you are hesitant, try the LQS bulletin board or the local Guild. I agree with others, I would not want someone coming to my home. Nor would I want to go to someone elses home.
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