Cursive handwriting

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I don't know how they can see any wisdom in this. Guess there won't be any such thing as a signature anymore.
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I was dismayed when teaching, that the art of reading and writing cursive script seemed to be dying out. However, I've now come to the conclusion that we retain necessary knowledge and the kids will keep or use what they is just different knowledge in just the same way that there were separate scripts for the male and the female hand in our grandparents' day. I learnt Spenserian script when I was a child but I know few people who write this way - especially when one uses emails and texting or just mindlessly poking "LIKE" on certain sites.
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I was appalled (I know, an old fogey word, but it suits the situation) when I learned from this board that cursive writing was no longer being taught in schools. Cursive is a way to write more quickly than printing. Sure, we use it less nowadays, but you still need to sign your name on leases and other contracts. You still may want to leave someone a quick note, write a grocery list, keep a diary.

And what about taking notes in school when the teacher is lecturing?

I really don't want to hear that there's no time to teach cursive writing. Sure, the kids need to pass state exams, but that should be doable just from ordinary teaching. Some kids need extra help, but IMO too much time is now spent teaching to the exams.
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I think it's a shame that kids cannont do cursive writing. Instead of doing all this fancy math, they should just go back to basic math and teach them how to write. We did fine in school, the kids today just are not learning the way they should. I can see it in my a 4 grandkids.
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Originally Posted by NanaCsews2 View Post
With our elementary schools getting updated computers and now IPADs I can see how this is going by the wayside.
We too noticed that our drs and the nurses are printing instead of 'scribbling'. If you want a prescription, it is sent via computer to the pharmacy. You don't see a hand-written script anymore.
I will admit many things I do not use cursive anymore, as my handwriting has changed in the past 10 yrs or so. Dr. said it was probably part of the fibromyalgia. I mainly capitalize all letters when hand-writing as it is easier to read. My brother learned this in the service as it was easier to read, faster for him, and the capital letters were easier to distinguish what they were, vs. small letters sometimes a few end up looking like other letters.
this is scary, our cursive is going the be like hyroglys to the next generation
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I hate to see what our country will be in a few years when our children are not even taught the basics and are not taught to think for themselves.
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Originally Posted by ABCQuilt View Post
I substitute teach while going to college to become a teacher. I was substituting 8th graders and they kept calling me Mrs. Cammom. I corrected them a number of times and they commented that is how you spelled it on the board. I am still in my twenties and could not believe that these children could not read cursive writing. On another note, I am going to college to be a math teacher and no student of mine will be allowed to use a calculator to tell me what 3 x 9 is etc. When I was in school we had to learn our times tables by heart and were tested very frequently. Here's hoping that I will make a difference!
My husband and most of the family are math majors - it really doesn't matter if you use a calculator or not - the point is to know the equation of figuring the math problem. Do you multiply - do you divide, etc etc. My 6th grade granddaughter tries to teach me "new math" when I visit. She knows all the concepts - has she memorized? NO But she is a straight A student in excelled Math. I can't do it!
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Default There are some things that they will learn

My kids are preschool, but they will be classically educated. So cursive, logic and latin will be learned. If the school does not cover it, I will afterschool. They will read and analyze the classics. We will cover world and US history using source texts. They will memorize a LOT and be capible of giving a recitation/dictation. High standards but will produce a well-rounded adult who can think, analyze, and reason, having the ability to study and learn any subject of their choosing.
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I used cursive writing for 2/3 of my life. I was pleased with it because I concentrated hard on evenly placed letters, etc. Then I went to work for the USPS with their long lines and pressing deadlines. And there went my handwriting. This year I was writing to Veterans in the hospital and found my handwriting is illegible so I printed.

My eight year old great granddaughter has asked me to teach her cursive writing. I will.
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As a teacher I am told what to teach and I must adhere to that. I can't just teach what I want to teach. I must collect data on a daily basis and track each student on every indicator to show progress. And yes, ALL of that is geared to the state tests. That is where we are now, like it or not, it is reality in education. There's no room for creativity or veering away from the script.

I also believe that in the near future knowing how to write your signature will be unnecessary. Technology will take us to using finger printing or an iris scan of the eye to sign a legal document.
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