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I found out that our schools were not teaching cursive. First I was outraged, now I am just sad.
It is a shame but I guess I am from the "old" world as I still write checks and mail them out (what a concept)!!
I also still send out birthday cards, Christmas cards via the postal system and I will also write a short note in them occasionally. I hope the parents teach the kids how to "read" cursive...of course.. after awhile it won't be necessary because no one will know what 'cursive' is
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Maybe cursive writing will be like handquilting.

A skill that some may learn just because they want to.

The current education "standards" almost scare the **** out of me.

There ARE times when one can not communicate via a key pad or voice! Being able to write manually is still a useful skill.
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I used to love to write letters but I have to admit that I almost never do anymore. I think that's become a lost art and I treasure the letters I have that my Gramma and others wrote to me
Someone mentioned we baby boomers- yeah that's me! But I love all the new technology as well
I'm just trying to keep up!!
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My granddaughter is inkindergarten in a private christian school, she is being taught cursive writing now, and i am so glad, i was a little surprised they are doing it in kindergarten, but, after that is when I heard they aren't teaching it in the public schools any more at all. i wonder how children that are growing up now will read a birthday card that grandma or grandpa sends them??? it is very sad to me.
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Originally Posted by Barbshobbies View Post
Just a thought, my daughter is a nurse and she tells me they print most of the time as it is easier to read and harder to
mistake one letter for another.
When I was a student nurse back in the 50's we were taught to pr int our chart entries and then sign our name in cursive. The reason for this was printing was easier to read.
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No cursive writing here...I have a friend who still teaches and she can't even do an art project unless it is included in the Readng First curriculum. I know many parents who are now homeschooling, or sending their kids to private(Christian) schools because of this mess. It is not the Teachers, they do what they are told. It is state and federal laws and programs that have brought about the mess we are in...
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I was shocked to learn my 9 yo Grandson would not be learning to write cursive at school. Daughter is going to teach him at home. How will they learn to sign their names? I've never heard of anyone printing their signature.
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I am 53 yrs. old and I print most of the time. It is faster and easier to read. As for our children learning cursive writing, my 11 yr. old DGS has learned it, but I fear his 2 yr. old brother will have to be tought at home. I am believing more and more that our children should be home schooled. Maybe in small groups. I really don't know the answer to our childrens education, if is lacking more and more each and every year. Teachers try but with so much of their power being taken away, what can they do?
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In 2000 when I went back to take my nursing in University the very first class I had was English Comp 1 we were told that we all thought we knew how to write but we were all wrong (nice first day impression) she said I will write a topic onthe board and you will "write" an essay in 10 minutes and submit it for marking.
She said we would be graded on our eligible hand writing, grammar, punctuation, etc and she said everyone to expect it back with lots of red ink on it. Thankfully mine only had a few errors, however other's were told that they were not allowed to print it and they said they didn't know how to write. I was surprised but my prof wasn't, she told them it would be a long semister for them.
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I have heard so many teachers say that children now days have to learn so much more and learn it more quickly than we did, but I wonder if that is really true when I think of all the subjects that I was taught that the students are not taught now. I had world history, European history and American history from Columbus to present day in my social studies classes plus world geography. In English we had English literature, American literature, current American literaure, grammer, all the structures of the English language including diagraming; writing including writing short stories, writing non-fiction, and writing research papers, plus how to conduct research. We had spelling and pronunciation and penmanship. In math I was taught everything from arthritmatic , algebria, geometry, trig, and beginning phyics. I had a general science, biology, botany, chemistry, foreign language for 3 years, phys ed for every year 1 hour per day, my choice of art or music every day for 1 hour. We had the choice of home ec, business courses or woodworking in highschool for some of our electives. As far as I can tell all I didn't have was computer classes as they weren't being taught then. My 1-12yrs of school was normal for our time as far as I know. It wasn't until college that I really felt any pressure. We didn't have problems with self-esteem, had a low drop out rate, pregnant teenagers were extremely rare in our part of the US. Almost everyone graduated and got a job or went to college or went to the service or got married. I'm so sorry that somehow I had a part of messing it up for my grandchildren. Their school system is screwed, the job market is dismal, the economy is failing and our newspapers read like the Book of Revelation. Too bad we aren't reading the books before Revelation more ,IMHO.
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